Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Why Are You Voting For GW Bush?

Scroff, at Any Which Way, has a topic posted in his Forums section, asking folks why they will vote for George Bush. If you're one of those who will vote for Bush, and don't mind explaining your reasons, stop by the Forum and leave a post. It's a sincere effort on his part to understand what motivates the Right and he has promised not to flame anyone for their opinions or reasons. So, if you feel that the Left just isn't "getting it", here's your chance to say why.

You may have noticed a button on the sidebar entitled "View My Photo Album". This is a free service provided by Bravenet. I subscribed because I wanted to post a few pics so readers could put a face to the words, so to speak. As it's a free account, I'm limited to 50 pictures, each of which cannot exceed 155kb. Most of my pics are waaaay bigger, like 400 or so. Therefore, before I can post any, I have to reconfig them to web-ready status. If you just can't wait, I already have several albums posted at Any Which Way in the Gallery.

Hope everyone is enjoying this fine weekend. Cya all later!