Friday, October 12, 2007

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Congratulations Al Gore!

Ozone Man Strikes Back!

From The New Yorker Magazine, by David Remnick:

In the 1992 campaign against Bill Clinton, George H. W. Bush mocked Gore as “ozone man” and claimed, “This guy is so far out in the environmental extreme we’ll be up to our necks in owls and outta work for every American.” In the 2000 campaign, George W. Bush cracked that Gore “likes electric cars. He just doesn’t like making electricity.” The younger Bush, a classic schoolyard bully with a contempt for intellect, demanded that Gore “explain what he meant by some of the things” in his 1992 book, “Earth in the Balance”—and then unashamedly admitted that he had never read it. A book that the President did eventually read and endorse is a pulp science-fiction novel: “State of Fear,” by Michael Crichton. Bush was so excited by the story, which pictures global warming as a hoax perpetrated by power-mad environmentalists, that he invited the author to the Oval Office. In “Rebel-in-Chief: Inside the Bold and Controversial Presidency of George W. Bush,” Fred Barnes, the Fox News commentator, reveals that the President and Crichton “talked for an hour and were in near-total agreement.” The visit, Barnes adds, “was not made public for fear of outraging environmentalists all the more.”

The article further goes on to say:

As President, Bush has made fantasy a guide to policy. He has scorned the Kyoto agreement on global warming (a pact that Gore helped broker as Vice-President); he has neutered the Environmental Protection Agency; he has failed to act decisively on America’s fuel-efficiency standards even as the European Union, Japan, and China have tightened theirs. He has filled his Administration with people like Philip A. Cooney, who, in 2001, left the American Petroleum Institute, the umbrella lobby for the oil industry, to become chief of staff for the White House Council on Environmental Quality, where he repeatedly edited government documents so as to question the link between fuel emissions and climate change. In 2005, when Cooney left the White House (this time for a job with ExxonMobil), Dana Perino, a White House spokesperson, told the Times, “Phil Cooney did a great job.” A heckuva job, one might say.

Well, as of this morning, Al Gore, "Ozone Man", along with the U.N.'s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, won the Nobel Prize for Peace.

This comes after Gore's documentary, "An Inconvenient Truth" won an Academy Award!

Read more about it here.

This is more than vindication. This amounts to a world-wide endorsement of the man who should be President of The United States of America, and who, I believe, could be the next President in 2008.

I have been undecided about who I will support in the upcoming Primary, (other than the fact that I can assure you it won't be one of the Always Wrong Right!). But now I think I will throw in with the Draft Gore folks and hope for the best.

I sincerely hope that Al Gore will rethink his position and take the lead, for that is what we lack, a true leader. Pelosi and Reid are major disappointments, no, they are traitors to those of us who gave them a mandate to end the war and bring the Republi-con criminals to justice.

I would rather have John Gotti running the country than

anymore clowns like this!

As for those Dems who are currently running, well, no-one has really inspired me the way Al Gore has.

So Congratulations, Mr. President! Now go get what is rightfully yours and lead our country back to the real leadership role it enjoyed the last time you occupied the White House.


Thursday, October 11, 2007

It's Anonymous

As an old, dear friend of mine, (who murdalizes the English language), would say, "Everybuddy agrees? Good, then it's anonymous".

Please welcome the newest member of the American Patriot Institute, a fine Sailor and a great American - Cafkia!

Make sure to stop in and visit him at Meanderthal!

Welcome Aboard Sir!


Monday, October 08, 2007

Cafkia, of Meanderthal

I would like to sponsor Brother Cafkia for membership in the American Patriot Institute. Cafkia embodies everything that we stand for. He is a Veteran and a realist. He blogs constantly to support our troops and defeat the Right Wing Extremists who have taken control of our government. He has posted here and at Alternate Brain and many other blogs of note, but his home is Meanderthal. Please feel free to visit Meanderthal and acquaint yourselves with another fine website and another fine writer, striving to restore the United States of America to the glory and prestige it once enjoyed. His inclusion is long overdue.

All in favor, so indicate on your sites. (Somehow I think this is a shoe-in).


Rush Limbaugh, selling Vet's honor for Republican donations

Oh, how low will they go? Wait! don't answer! Keith has it below:


If You're Going To Be In New York City

on Friday, October 19, 2007, stop by and give these guys a listen...

Click poster to embiggen, (as they say at Alternate Brain)

And welcome georgeandjulius to the family!

If Theres A God In Heaven


I'm putting the Troll on Top

I just love these trolls. They find a post from out of the past and drop their comments like so much bird shit.

Below is a post I made in February of this year! This guy is only now getting around to reading it! From his inability to punctuate, spell or clearly and concisely state his case, I have every reason to believe that Mr. Whittington is actually George W. Bush, pretender to the Presidency of The United States of America and would-be dictator!

So I invite my readers to join in the fray and send this kool-aid drinker packing. I, for one, am tired of trying to talk sense to this guy. Maybe someone-else will have better luck, but I kinda doubt it. There is no shaking the remaining 27% of their misplaced convictions and belief in the Right Wing bullshit spread daily by Republi-con lapdogs like Limbaugh and O'Reilly. But feel free to take your best shot.

In the meantime, I have another post below regarding Bush's newest flip-flop. Gee, where have we heard that term "flip-flop before?

George W. Bush Flip Flops Again


Which is it, Georgieboy?

Or is it anyway you want it?

What the hell is up with Bush and Mexico anyway?


Supreme Court case pits Bush against Texas in death penalty case

Associated Press Writer

To put it bluntly, Texas wants President Bush to get out of the way of the state's plan to execute a Mexican for the brutal killing of two teenage girls.

Bush, who presided over 152 executions as governor of Texas, wants to halt the execution of Jose Ernesto Medellin in what has become a confusing test of presidential power that the Supreme Court ultimately will sort out.

The president wants to enforce a decision by the International Court of Justice that found the convictions of Medellin and 50 other Mexican-born prisoners violated their rights to legal help as outlined in the 1963 Vienna Convention.

That is the same court Bush has since said he plans to ignore if it makes similar decisions affecting state criminal laws.

"The president does not agree with the ICJ's interpretation of the Vienna Convention," the administration said in arguments filed with the court. This time, though, the U.S. agreed to abide by the international court's decision because ignoring it would harm American interests abroad, the government said.

Texas argues strenuously that neither the international court nor Bush, his Texas ties notwithstanding, has any say in Medellin's case.

Ted Cruz, the Texas solicitor general, said the administration's position would "allow the president to set aside any state law the president believes is inconvenient to international comity."

Read the rest.