Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Moderate Man Rotates Home

Note: Moderate Man has long since come out of "retirement". This post is linked to because it provides a look at the humble beginnings of the API.


On Saturday, February 16, 2008, Moderate Man announced that he was retiring from the blogosphere.

has been an inspiration to me and many others since he first came online as a blogger in November of 2004. A retired CEO and a United States Marine Corps Vietnam combat veteran, he had a way of looking at a situation and cutting straight to the heart of the matter. His grasp of world economics and it's interrelation with world politics is incredible. I wish he had left his archives up, there is much that we could learn from there. As it is, we still have his blog as he left it and a google search of The Moderate Man provides many of the fine articles he wrote.

It always amazed me that a former CEO would be so supportive of "Labor", yet he was.
I am sure that had I worked for him, he is the kind of leader who would have earned my devoted loyalty. As a blog buddy and fellow Marine, my devoted loyalty is his to command.

Moderate is the Founder of the American Patriot Institute, a loose-knit organization of Veterans who have and still do, oppose the Bush Administration and it's insane policies. It is a group of Veterans who have never forgotten their oaths to defend the Constitution of the United States of America, against all enemies, both foreign and domestic, and Bush and his colleagues most certainly pose a threat to the Constitution we have sworn to defend.

In those "early" days, many of us who rallied against Bush were characterized by those on the Right as being unpatriotic traitors, allies of Bin Laden, un-American seditionists with no stomach for the fight against the terrorists who wanted to destroy America. Our blogs were invaded by screaming Right wing miscreants, who charged us with all sorts of unspeakable crimes against the very nation we had served to protect. Most of these same Right Wing "Patriots" were actually Chickenhawks, who had never donned the uniform of the Boy or Girl Scouts, much less the Armed Forces of The United States, and the din they created was almost overwhelming. Moderate came up with the idea of a Rogues Gallery, whereby we could post our Boot Camp Graduation pictures and show the world that we, at least, had Walked the Walk, and therefore had earned the Right to Talk the Talk.

The original members of the Rogues Gallery, Bulldog, , Fixer, Gordon, deuddersun, scroff and Moderate Man.

It wasn't long before Mod came up with the idea of forming an Institute of our own to counter the many Right Wing think tanks that professed to know what was best for America while, in reality, they were merely shills for the Right Wing Propaganda machine that offered "studied opinions" in support of the Iraq War and other Bush mis-adventures. He designed the logo we use today and so was born the American Patriot Institute where each of us would offer our "studied opinions" showing how Bush and Company was destroying the America we loved and served. We were soon joined by two United States Army Soldiers, Spadoman and Kitchen Window Woman, and most recently, a United States Navy Veteran, Cafkia, (whose baby picture is still "in the mail")! Scroff created an image map that links each picture to it's website. It is the image/map currently in use. Through the API, we have come to support each other's efforts to reclaim our beloved country from the Facist Neocons who seek to bend or break, (if necessary), our Constitution to allow their own twisted un-American activities.

Mod is much more than that though. He is a good friend. Whenever I had a problem, he was there with advice and Brotherly encouragement, and for that I will always be grateful.

We all owe a lot to The Moderate Man and I couldn't let him retire without thanking him publicly. He's our kind of guy. Our kind of Marine. Our Founding Father.

So from all of us to you, Mod, have a great life! Come back and visit from time to time. And thanks for the memories! This is for you Mod, Brother Marine! No better friend, no worse enemy!

One last "Hottie" for ya, Mod! Just don't make any "sudden moves", lol!

Saepius Exertas, Semper Fidelis, Frater Infinitas!


Mod had a thing for beautiful women and he would often post pictures of long ago starlets to our delight. So, Mod, with that in mind, I offer you one last opportunity to see all the women you loved to post about. Just follow the link below:

women in film

Monday, February 18, 2008

Call to Action!! Support Our Troops!!!

Received this e-mail to day.

Time is of the essence!

Pleases sign the petition to protect our men and women in the Armed Forces!

Supporting our troops means more than just slapping a magnetic yellow ribbon on the back of your car!

Dear VoteVets.org Supporter,

You are incredible! In just days, we've collected over 8000 petition signatures, calling for hearings into why the Bush Pentagon placed a contract for helmets for troops, with a company that was being sued for shoddy work.

We need more, though. We need everyone who hasn't signed our petition to do so now, and for you to tell your friends and family to do the same. Hold on, because this story is getting even worse.


The Marines reported the other day that the delay in getting Mine Resistant Armor Protected (MRAP) vehicles led to the deaths of hundreds of Marines. They had sent an urgent request up the chain in 2005, asking for the heavily-armored MRAPs, only to be ignored by Donald Rumsfeld. To his credit, Rumsfeld's replacement, Secretary Robert Gates, did make acquisition of MRAPs a priority last year. However, we were quite disturbed to find that one of the companies awarded a contract to produce MRAPs was....

Sioux Manufacturing.


That's right. On November 12, 2007, the Bismarck Tribune reported that Sioux, which was under litigation for cheating the troops out of helmets that met specifications, received one of three contracts to produce MRAPs for the troops. That's in addition to their multi-million contract to produce even more helmets.

Something is wrong here. We all know it. Maybe this is just how the Bush Administration and Washington works. But when it comes to the protection of our troops, the status quo cannot be allowed to stand.

Please join us now in calling for an investigation. Tell everyone you know to get involved, as well. Together, we will help protect our troops.

Jon Soltz
Iraq War Veteran
Chairman, VoteVets.org

(all emphasis mine)

Please take five minutes and follow the link to sign the petition.

We have a moral obligation to look after those we have committed to fight a war for us, whether we agree with that war or not!