Saturday, March 08, 2008

Calling All Veteran Bloggers!

From The Moderate Man:

The American Patriot Institute needs you! We're a group of Veterans, some old, some younger, who believe in our country, our Constitution, and our honor. We're sickened by this administration's handling of everything...from the the environment most importantly, perhaps...the illegal war in Iraq. We're disgusted with the powerful who feel it's their right to buy and sell our lawmakers to enrich themselves and their friends. We try mightily to restrain ourselves when those who have never worn the uniform, much less seen action, continually promote war , seeing it as a game fought by underlings rather than themselves or their children. We don't always agree on everything...who does...but we agree that this government is not the one we supported when we proudly put on that uniform. If you'd like to join us...let one of us know. It's not hard. These are a great bunch of guys...and a superior woman. Give us a shout!

Kitchen Window Woman
Moderate...well...that's me, isn't it? (
Moderate Man is the Founder of the American Patriot Institute.)

Peace !

Moderate Man

If you are a Veteran of the Armed Forces of The United States of America who shares our views, why not check us out.


The Moderate Man wants to know...

You're Gonna Do What With This Flag?

Start there and then see his first post.

This for you Mod...


Thursday, March 06, 2008

Winter Soldier - Support The Troops

- Washington D.C., March 13 -16, 2008 - Iraq Veterans Against The War, inspired by the actions taken by Vietnam Veterans 37 years ago, will gather in our nation's capitol "to expose the truth and consequences of the War on Terror to the nation and the world"

Kitchen Window Woman
Resident Scholar,
The American Patriot Institute

I'm asking all of my readers, particularly my fellow scholars in the API, to visit The Dishpan Chronicles this morning and read KWW's latest post regarding the Winter Soldier Movement by Iraq Veterans Against the War.

This is exactly the type of action that the API was created to support. I have placed a banner supporting this event in my header and sent what money
I could afford to help out.

Please visit The Dishpan Chronicles and do your part to get the Truth out to the American people. There is no better way to Support Our Troops!

Thank you.

Resident Scholar
American Patriot Institute

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The easiest good deed you ever did

I'm putting this post back on top for a while because, unlike most of my posts, this post can actually make a difference with a little help from you.

Again, thanks to DBK of Blanton's & Ashton's.

From DBK of Blanton & Ashton

Click this link and then click the purple box that says "Fund Food for Animals". You don't have to send a penny. This is an animal rescue site and they need a certain number of clicks per day to get free food donated to them. Currently they are not meeting their quota of clicks. Clicking the link doesn't cost anything, so how about it? It won't take you but a few seconds.

If you have a blog, how about repeating this post and linking the site and getting more people to click it? This is the easiest good deed you'll ever do.


Thanks DBK.

Folks if you have critters, or love critters, this won't cost you a dime. Please take a minute and follow the link.



Monday, March 03, 2008

deuddersun Announces Presidential Endorsement

Since I may be absent from the blogo-verse for a while, I thought it somewhat important, (well, important to me anyway), to announce the candidate I am endorsing for President. Since I am pretty disgusted with the current crop of Parlor-tricians, I looked far and wide for a viable, alternative candidate. But who?

Then it hit me! Why not throw my support behind the guy I supported in 2004 in the race for Senator from New York? The guy who ran against Lazio and Clinton!

He's new, fresh and exciting and embodies many of the fine traits and qualities I see in myself.

So, without further ado, I give you...

deuddersun's choice for President of The United States of America!


This is Beeltle! Bad as can...

Since Beetle has yet to make an updated campaign video, I'm posting the one from his Senate run so folks can get an idea of where he stands on the issues!

So there you have it! deuddersun's choice for President of the United States of America!


He's as bad as bad and he knows he's the best! He's big and he's strong... And he knows what he knows and he knows he's as bad and he knows what he's after...!

And he sure can't do any worse than the blithering idiot, sociopath, gangster occupying the White House now!


Whoever you endorse, whoever you vote for, just make sure of one thing, he or she is not a Republi-con!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Great News!!! The Moderate Man Returns!!!

Oh, What The Hell...

This morning, whilst skipping merrily along the blogo-sphere, in a moment of nostalgia, I visited
The Moderate Man, and lo and behold! He's back!

I am so happy to see him blogging again. He has several terrific posts about the economy, speculation in the crude oil market and Israel's current military actions against Palestine. As I mentioned before, his grasp of world economics and world politics is amazing!

Stop by and welcome him back! We are gong to need him and his strong voice in the run-up to this Presidential election!

Welcome back, Brother! You make my heart glad.