Thursday, March 06, 2008

Winter Soldier - Support The Troops

- Washington D.C., March 13 -16, 2008 - Iraq Veterans Against The War, inspired by the actions taken by Vietnam Veterans 37 years ago, will gather in our nation's capitol "to expose the truth and consequences of the War on Terror to the nation and the world"

Kitchen Window Woman
Resident Scholar,
The American Patriot Institute

I'm asking all of my readers, particularly my fellow scholars in the API, to visit The Dishpan Chronicles this morning and read KWW's latest post regarding the Winter Soldier Movement by Iraq Veterans Against the War.

This is exactly the type of action that the API was created to support. I have placed a banner supporting this event in my header and sent what money
I could afford to help out.

Please visit The Dishpan Chronicles and do your part to get the Truth out to the American people. There is no better way to Support Our Troops!

Thank you.

Resident Scholar
American Patriot Institute

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