Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The easiest good deed you ever did

I'm putting this post back on top for a while because, unlike most of my posts, this post can actually make a difference with a little help from you.

Again, thanks to DBK of Blanton's & Ashton's.

From DBK of Blanton & Ashton

Click this link and then click the purple box that says "Fund Food for Animals". You don't have to send a penny. This is an animal rescue site and they need a certain number of clicks per day to get free food donated to them. Currently they are not meeting their quota of clicks. Clicking the link doesn't cost anything, so how about it? It won't take you but a few seconds.

If you have a blog, how about repeating this post and linking the site and getting more people to click it? This is the easiest good deed you'll ever do.


Thanks DBK.

Folks if you have critters, or love critters, this won't cost you a dime. Please take a minute and follow the link.



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