Friday, March 30, 2007

Round Circle/Spadoman Update!!!

Received an e-mail from Spadoman today indicating a new web address for his blog Round Circle. The new address is:

I will be updating my links shortly.

For anyone who has yet to visit Round Circle, I highly recommend it. It is a pool of tranquility in an otherwise sea of chaos.


Thursday, March 29, 2007

You Gotta See This!

What the fuck are they puttin' in that Kool Aid?

I'm speechless...


Kerry Sinks "Swift Boat" Backer

Who can forget those wonderful TV attack ads against the bravery and patriotism of Sen. John Kerry in the 2004 Presidential Election Campaign by the Swift Boat Veterans For Truth?

It seems since the Republican Candidate, George W. Bush, had actually gone AWOL during his stint in the Air National Guard and who, as sitting President, had lied the United States into an illegal and immoral War of Choice (he's "The Decider"), his backers had no other alternative than to demean, belittle and attempt to smear Sen. John Kerry and the awards he earned while actually fighting for his country in another illegal, immoral war of choice - Viet Nam. How else could they make Bush look even remotely patriotic?

Well, the chicken-hawks have come home to roost.

The kindly looking grandfather figure pictured below is actually that of a Neocon Likudnik who supported and financially backed the Swift-less Veterans For "Truth" and yesterday Sen. John Kerry had his own moment of truth with Sam Fox.

White House Withdraws Ambassador Nominee

By SAM HANANEL, Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON - More than two years after losing his bid for the White House, Democratic Sen. John Kerry exacted a measure of revenge against his political foes Wednesday by helping derail the diplomatic nomination of a Republican fund-raiser.

President Bush withdrew the nomination of St. Louis businessman Sam Fox to be ambassador to Belgium after Democrats denounced Fox for his 2004 donation to the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth.

... the chorus of opposition to Fox grew louder a day before the vote was set, when Kerry's Vietnam crew mates sent a letter Tuesday urging committee members to oppose Fox's nomination.

"In our judgment, those who finance smears and lies of combat veterans don't deserve to represent America on the world stage," said the letter signed by 11 Vietnam Swift Boat veterans who served with Kerry.

You may remember what a party the Right Wankers had with all this.

Here we see Republicans sporting cute little band-aids adorned with tiny Purple Hearts in mockery of the three Purple Hearts awarded to Senator Kerry at the Republican National Convention in New York City. (A taste, by the way, the Statue of Liberty is still trying to get out of her mouth!)

Well, Sam, the party is over. Time to pay the piper.

Now go away.


Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Marines Bans Big, Garish Tattoos

By THOMAS WATKINS, Associated Press Writer

OCEANSIDE, Calif. - Five tattooed skulls stretch from Marine Cpl. Jeremy Slaton's right elbow to his wrist, spelling out the word "Death." He planned to add a tattoo spelling "Life" on his left arm, but that's on hold because of a Marine policy taking effect Sunday.

The Marines are banning any new, extra-large tattoos below the elbow or the knee, saying such body art is harmful to the Corps' spit-and-polish image.

Slaton and other grunts are not pleased. (my emphasis)

Well No Screamin' Eagle Shit!

What are they trying to do? Turn us into the Navy?

If you want a tattoo larger than the illustration above in a place visible in your "workout shirt", you may be out of luck! These guys may be going off to die, leave them alone ferchrissake! The article claims that HQMC says large tattoo's are disruptive to the image of the Corps! What?

We are Bad-asses! We are trained to be Bad-asses! This is body-art to these guys! It's their War Paint! Stop treating the most efficient killers in the world like a bunch of Alter Boys, willya?


Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Liberals Are Like Hitler????

Soooo, tell me Boker Tov, do you believe this also....

Yeah. Right.


Boker tov, Boulder! Slams Mod, deuddersun

Every now and then I do an internet search on myself. Call it vanity, I am just curious about the extent of my "reach". So this morning I hit on Technorati and lo and behold, there was Mod's face smiling at me from amongst the links. It seems a piece Mod had posted regarding AIPAC has upset a fellow blogger at Boker tov, Boulder!

Here is what he has to say about Mod:

"I don't know how I came across this, but I wish I hadn't. Anyway, just so you'll know, there's this blogger called "Moderate Man" and though his site sports many links to animal welfare organizations (ASPCA, Animal Art, Humane Society, Nature Conservancy, etc.), he doesn't seem to like Jews much."

Further down, he offers his opinion of your's truly:
I know what you're thinking, that he's not really very "moderate" after all. But wait. The lone commenter on this post is even less moderate. He ("deuddersun") writes "Nah, AIPAC is a friendly, overt, fun-loving, Brotherhood seeking only "fair & balanced" portrayals of Israel and the never-ending love, financial and military support and unquestioning loyalty of ALL Americans ALL the time! F-ck these assholes! Wanna think I'm anti-semetic? Go right ahead. I no longer care. d. I guess d. did "care" at one time. But he no longer does. care. for Jews. It's pretty weird to come across these people and their unabashed hostility. I wonder how they feel about Jimmy Carter. (I'm not asking... just wondering.)"

Now I'm pretty thick skinned so I really don't care what this likudnik thinks of me. I post this as an example of what I have often said, the assumption, by some, that if you are against the policies of the Government of Israel you must be anti-semetic. I stand by my comment. If you want to think I'm anti-semetic, knock yourself out, I don't care. Calling someone anti-semetic because they oppose Israel's policies is like saying we are all anti-American because we oppose the Bush Administration.

The point Mod, myself and other's have tried to make is that we only want our elected servants to have America's best interests at heart and that Israel must take a backseat to our own National concerns. A man can't serve two masters and I don't want someone in Washington who is supposed to be representing me kowtowing to any foreign power!

I look forward to some lively debate on this. Had Boker bothered to inform us of his post, we might have had this discussion a while ago. To read the post in it's entirety and my response, go to Boker tov, Boulder! To read the piece in question in it's entirety, go here.

I wonder if Boker ever read "A Clean Break: A New Strategy For Securing The Realm",

(For more information concerning this topic I invite you to check out "The Israel Lobby & U.S. Foreign Policy")


Monday, March 26, 2007

Treasonable Doubt

Bout says it all, dont'cha think?