Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Boker tov, Boulder! Slams Mod, deuddersun

Every now and then I do an internet search on myself. Call it vanity, I am just curious about the extent of my "reach". So this morning I hit on Technorati and lo and behold, there was Mod's face smiling at me from amongst the links. It seems a piece Mod had posted regarding AIPAC has upset a fellow blogger at Boker tov, Boulder!

Here is what he has to say about Mod:

"I don't know how I came across this, but I wish I hadn't. Anyway, just so you'll know, there's this blogger called "Moderate Man" and though his site sports many links to animal welfare organizations (ASPCA, Animal Art, Humane Society, Nature Conservancy, etc.), he doesn't seem to like Jews much."

Further down, he offers his opinion of your's truly:
I know what you're thinking, that he's not really very "moderate" after all. But wait. The lone commenter on this post is even less moderate. He ("deuddersun") writes "Nah, AIPAC is a friendly, overt, fun-loving, Brotherhood seeking only "fair & balanced" portrayals of Israel and the never-ending love, financial and military support and unquestioning loyalty of ALL Americans ALL the time! F-ck these assholes! Wanna think I'm anti-semetic? Go right ahead. I no longer care. d. I guess d. did "care" at one time. But he no longer does. care. for Jews. It's pretty weird to come across these people and their unabashed hostility. I wonder how they feel about Jimmy Carter. (I'm not asking... just wondering.)"

Now I'm pretty thick skinned so I really don't care what this likudnik thinks of me. I post this as an example of what I have often said, the assumption, by some, that if you are against the policies of the Government of Israel you must be anti-semetic. I stand by my comment. If you want to think I'm anti-semetic, knock yourself out, I don't care. Calling someone anti-semetic because they oppose Israel's policies is like saying we are all anti-American because we oppose the Bush Administration.

The point Mod, myself and other's have tried to make is that we only want our elected servants to have America's best interests at heart and that Israel must take a backseat to our own National concerns. A man can't serve two masters and I don't want someone in Washington who is supposed to be representing me kowtowing to any foreign power!

I look forward to some lively debate on this. Had Boker bothered to inform us of his post, we might have had this discussion a while ago. To read the post in it's entirety and my response, go to Boker tov, Boulder! To read the piece in question in it's entirety, go here.

I wonder if Boker ever read "A Clean Break: A New Strategy For Securing The Realm",

(For more information concerning this topic I invite you to check out "The Israel Lobby & U.S. Foreign Policy")


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