Saturday, November 25, 2006

Annuder Saturday Night...

So, like it's Saturday night and I'm hangin' out, chillin. Enjoying a lil "Happy Air" and surfin' the net. Got the Wiseguy Show on Sirius playin in the background 'till the Flyers come on at 7. After that, boxing on HBO. After that...well, I guess that's up to the Magster, heh...heh...heh... All in all, a pretty good night for an old fart.

So I got to thinkin'...

A while ago I got all over The Moderate Man onnaconna he wanted to hang up blogging - at least for awhile, and here I was...not bloggin' nuttin'! What the fuck? What kind of an asshole does that make me? Yet I find myself faced wid a dilemma, see, I just haven't felt like blogging, especially about the more serious subjects I usually rant & rave & whine & cajol about.

So I figgered I'd start out by just shootin' the shit about whatever comes to mind, (my mind that is, you worry about what comes to yours).

First thing is, Thanksgiving was fuckin' great! Wish I'da taken pictures, but, I didn't, lol! Had it at the beautiful home of Magster's niece, 'Mare and her terrific family, Husband Mike, and their beautiful children, Melissa and Shaun. We were joined by Mag's sister, Rosemary and her husband Big Jim, (also a Marine), and also 'Mare's Mom & Dad. On top of this I was looking forward to an exciting football game on television between the Tampa Bay Bucanneers and the hated Dallas Cowboys.

The only problem here is that, (for those of youse who haven't noticed), we live in Philadelphia. And 'Mare's husband Mike! Mike!

Mike... a fucking Dallas Fan.

It was all Mag's could do to keep me from wearing my "Fuck Dallas" Tee-shirt. Insisting that it might somehow damage the young minds of her niece's children, and ignoring my protests that their innocent, little minds were already fucked up by having to live with a Father who worships the Dallas Fucking Cowboys, she dam near ripped it off my back!

That's me in my beloved "Fuck Dallas" Tee-shirt! Due to the fact that the Magster's brain-housing-group seemed to be reeling from an assault of microwave mind control beams emanating from the secret lair of the Kristian Coalition, (and birthplace of the Flying Monkeys in the Wizard of OZ), Crawford, Texas, I was reluctantly forced to leave it home, in it's place of honor on a hanger in my closet, until Dallas plays Philly again, (when all concerns about being "rude", "obnoxious" and "profane" mysteriously disappear from the Philadephia city limits...provided they are directed against the Hated Dallas Fiends!).

(By the way, betcha didn't know Elvis is actually alive and well, living in my basement and an Eagles fan!)

So I ended up wearing the hat I have on in the picture. As I mentioned, Dallas was playing Tampa Bay on TV Thanksgiving Day and, needless to say, when I showed up in my Eagles hat the fun began immediately.

Now Mike's a great guy 8 months out of the year, but the four months dedicated to pro-football are like a full moon to a werewolf when it comes to Mike and the Dallas Cowboys. Boy can't help himself. "Normal Mike" goes away and the beast that shows up in his place is adorned with a sneer, a drawl and a Dallas Cowboy Jersey with the number "81" and the name "Owens" emblazoned across the back.

Our opening conversation went something like this:

d.: Hiya Mike, Happy Thanksgiving!

Mike: Christmas came early for me when McNabb went down for the year! AAAAAAAAAH! HA! HA! HA! HA!!!!

Get the picture?

Anyway, dinner was great, even though Dallas won, Mike gloated, (as if I like the Tampa- fucking-Bay Bucanneers) and I came away educated to the facts that:

the Eagles are stupid for not giving in to TO,

the Eagles are stupid for keeping Andy Reid as Head Coach,

the Eagles are stupid for making bad draft picks,

the Eagles are stupid for being so cheap,

and the Eagles are doomed so I might as well get rid of my stupid Eagles Hat.

Now all of the above may be true, but ya don't have to rub it in my face whilst I'm tryin ta stuff said face witcher wife's turkey dinner!!

Oh, just one more thing.

The Eagles play the Dallas Fucking Cowboys on Christmas Day.

I'll have my tee-shirt on.

Mags will be wearing a tinfoil hat!

I can't wait.