Saturday, January 20, 2007

Cozy Shack#links

Just a quick one, 'cause I gotta go do something, uh, usefull, but before I do, check this out! Oh my Gawd, not only funny and arousing, but sadly true!

Thanks Annie!

Cozy Shack#links


Important Announcement! 9/11 Volunteers, Workers!

Did you participate in RESCUE, RECOVERY or CLEANUP after the World Trade Center collapse?

NYCOSH, in collaboration with New York Disaster Interfaith Services and United Church of Christ Disaster Response Ministries has just published a new fact sheet urging all workers and volunteers who did rescue, recovery , or cleanup work to REGISTER BY AUGUST 14, 2007 to preserve your right to medical care and compensation if you ever develop a 9/11-related illness.
For more information, see the post on I.A.T.S.E., Local One's website! Don't wait for symptoms to appear years from now. Protect yourself by registering!

California Dreamin'

Mamas and Papas Member Dead at 66
By Associated Press
2 hours ago
MISSISSAUGA, Ont. - Denny Doherty, one-quarter of the 1960s folk-rock group the Mamas and the Papas, known for their soaring harmony on hits like 'California Dreamin'' and 'Monday, Monday,' died Friday at 66."

California Dreamin'...but the Dream wouldn't last. Michelle and John divorced, Cass Elliot died of a heart attack at age 31.

Here's how it all began...

Mama Cass had a beautiful voice, strong and clear and I always said she was the real backbone of the group. As beautiful as Michele Phillips is, I always had a thing for Mama Cass. Her voice touched my soul. Every woman is truly beautiful. She proved it. Listen to her.

I spend six to seven months out of the yar away from home, away from my Mags. I never leave her without asking, Each night before you go to bed My Baby, Whisper a Little prayer for me, My Baby...And tell the stars up above...This is dedicated to the one I love...

And Mags always asks me to "Dream A Little Dream Of Me"...

I believe that we all die twice. Once, when our bodies pass, and again, when the last person who remembers us leaves this earth. And so another small piece of my youth has died, but yet lives on, in my cherished memories and the love I have for my Lady.

Goodnight Denny. Give my best to John and Cass.


Friday, January 19, 2007


Look What I Did!

Dam near got this thing knocked!

Its almost 15 hours straight since I first hit the "Switch Now" button and the Panic button simultaneously. You can read my horror story below this.

I am sooooooooo happy to announce that it isn't going as bad as I expected it too. The Kittens are safe for the nonce! A lot of credit has to go to Blogger, (even tho it's imposible to get ahold of the bastards). They still did a pretty dam good job of making this shit easy enough for even a dummy like me to wade through with a little research here and there.

I still don't have all of my links up yet, but it's coming along. If you were here before and you're not now, just let me know in a comment and I'll hook you up.

I also don't have my Subscribe link up. On that, I am going to have to get scroff's assistance. Scroff has been my computer guru, as much as is possible since he's a little over 200 miles away. (If you go to his site, Any Which Way, the picture of the mountains in the header are where we are from, well, him actually, I wuz born in Brooklyn...What? Ok, right, right...).

Anyhow, scroff was responsible for getting me to where I just was. He re-did the whole site and organized everything to try to "dumb-proof" it for me. It was because of his work here that this change is going as well as it is. But Blogger kept their promise too, adding or deleting from the Template is now something I feel I can do most of the time. The rest of the time I'll be hollarin' for mebrudder so loud he won't need a telephone to hear me!

I also like the way I can organize my links. Got "Showbiz" in one category and the "American Patriot Scholars" in another. I plan to break the rest of my links down that way as well. I will not be restoring any links to Rightwing sites that haven't come around. I've had to listen to them for four fucking years now, enough already!

I'm also going to link to a photo/commentary site concerning my work and the great jobs I've been on. Give folks a look backstage.

Well, that's it for now...back at it later.


Now I've Done it!

Woke up this morning around 0300 hours (3 a.m.) and went on my usual romp around the blogosphere. Saw Spadoman's new blog and Mod's and for some reason, I went temporarily insane...I switched to the NEW Blogger!
(Oh shit! How do I un-fuck this?)
What made me do it was basically the fact that I am one of those dinosaurs still roaming the planet who is computer illiterate. What I know is this, when I turn the machine on, I want it to work. When I post something on Blogger, I want it to work. I have neither the time nor the desire to learn html, css, ftd, lsd, wtf? I just want to be able to post shit and see it happen!

So I took the tour. "Just drag and drop! No sweat!" "We transfer your entire blog! Oboy!" Well, you can imagine what this meant to a guy like me! So I hit the "Switch Now" button.

Great! But the main reason I did that was so that I could add things to my template without going cross-eyed trying to figure out where, in that spaghetti mess of html, shit went! That's the hitch! See, you have to "upgrade" your template too. So I did.


First of all, mebrudder, scroff, spent considerable time and effort not too long ago updating this place and organizing shit for me. Anytime I wanted to change anything here I had to get scroff to do it. For instance, I have wanted to add the API logo and my Union logo for some time now, but every time I looked at the template page I just shuddered and said fuck it. I hate bothering mebrudder every time I want to make a change, I just wanted to be able to do it myself!

Well, I did it. As you can see, there's shit missing here, like my fucking links! I don't know why they didn't transfer over! Blogger "help" is no help at all and I can't even find a way to contact these guys that will give me a response. My counter is also gone and some other shit I just don't remember now, oh yeah, Haloscan commenting! I like Haloscan. They give me everybody's IP and source and allow me to delete, edit or ban comments and commenters. I want them back! Blogger told me when I switched that they would keep a "backup" of my old site and I could change back if I wanted to, but I'm dammed if I can find it.

So, the bottom line here is that while I like having the ability to "drag & drop" in my template, I may have to redo all my links, which is going to piss me off to no end since I'm sure I'll miss someone that I want included! This is dam near enough to drive me to the bottle and may even cause me to crush a kitten or two...

Anyway, I'll be tinkering with this all day. At some point I may even get it straightened out. If not I'll be doing exactly what I tried to avoid doing...being a pain in the ass to mebrudder, scroff.

Wish me luck!


Thursday, January 18, 2007

For Enigma, Who Was Almost Mugged...


Who Said It?

I was over at Watergatesummer the other day and I left the comment, "Killing for peace is like fucking for virginity".

Well... I was quite amazed at how many people loved it and thought it was an original. Enigma had used it before and wasn't sure where she had heard it. Other's had too. Enigma even wondered if the quote was mine.

No. Wish it was, but...

I futher allowed that the quote was a slogan of the '60's Peace Movement. There were, in fact, different versions, such as the one in the picture. Some were cleaned up to read "screwing" instead of "fucking", othere's said "fighting" instead of "killing" or "bombing".

The fact remains, however, that the original saying was "Killing For Peace Is Like Fucking For Virginity".

After leaving Enigma's, it kept rattling around in my brain. I knew I had heard it 30 some years ago, but where? With whom? When? By whom? As I struggled to activate these mental clues it occurred to me that I might be able to employ "Modern Tech-mology" to find the source! What a novel idea? Google!

As soon as I saw who it was, it all came back to me in vivid day-glo colors of the sort brought on by a 35 year old frozen tab of Sunshine! I remembered immediately and, in fact, I still have the album on vinyl.

So drumroll please......................

The answer is..............................

Without further ado....................

The one..........

The only........

An icon of '60's Culcha!

George Carlin!

Ta Daaaaaaa! Ain't I sumpin?


Monday, January 15, 2007

The Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King

Doctor King On Viet Nam

This runs 22 minutes and 48 seconds.

Listen to it.

Substitute Iraq for Viet Nam.

The Clarity and High Moral Purpose of this Sermon cannot be denied.

March on January 27, 2007.

Let's make Him proud of us.


Look Into Your Hearts...

Sunday, January 14, 2007


(deuddersun at 18 years old, a radical rebel then...)

(...a radical rebel now...)

Yeah, and it kinda sums up how I'm feelin' 'bout certain things anyway...


Critics Won't Halt Iraq Surge, Bush Says

They gotta go, no more tears...

This One's For YOU, Lettershaper!

Believe me, you haven't lived til you've gone to an Ozzy concert blasted on pearlescent fishscale coke!

Please give a loud and raucus welcome to the latest member of the Asylum...


Definately some heavy shit going on over there. This Lady is not only pretty dam wild but loaded with talent. Check her out.

Enjoy the ride 'Shaper!

Now Crank it up and break yer fuckin' neighbor's windows!


(I'm having an Ozzy kinda day, lol)

Cheney: Credit Checks Aren't Illegal

WASHINGTON - Vice President Dick Cheney said Sunday the Pentagon and CIA are not violating people's rights by examining the banking and credit records of hundreds of Americans and others suspected of terrorism or espionage in the United States.

National security letters permit the executive branch to seek records about people in terrorism and spy investigations without a judge's approval or grand jury subpoena.

"The Defense Department gets involved because we've got hundreds of bases inside the United States that are potential terrorist targets," Cheney said.

"The Department of Defense has legitimate authority in this area. This is an authority that goes back three or four decades. It was reaffirmed in the Patriot Act," he said. "It's perfectly legitimate activity. There's nothing wrong with it or illegal. It doesn't violate people's civil rights."

The Pentagon and the CIA, to a lesser extent, have used this little-known power, officials said. The FBI, the lead agency on domestic counterterrorism and espionage, has issued thousands of such letters since the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

The letters have generated criticism and court challenges from civil liberties advocates who claim they invade the privacy of Americans' lives, even though banks and other financial institutions typically turn over the financial records voluntarily.

The vast majority of national security letters are issued by the FBI, but in rare circumstances they have been used by the CIA before and after Sept. 11, according to a U.S. intelligence official. The CIA has used these non-compulsory letters in espionage investigations and other circumstances, the official said.

The New York Times, which reported Sunday on the expanded use of the technique by the Pentagon and CIA, said military intelligence officers have sent the letters in up to 500 investigations.

Cheney was interviewed on "Fox News Sunday."

Fux News...figgers...

So what does this really mean?

It means that if you're a Left-leaning blogger and you get too many hits you may end up on their list - hell, you're subversive, right?

It means if you help to organize a Protest or March or a Demonstration, if you're Cindi Sheehan or Randi Rhodes from Air American radio, or Al Franken or Jesse Jackson or the Dixie Chicks you can bet you're on their list!

Just like Dr. King was. And Abbie Hoffman. And Mark Rudd. And John Lennon. And Jimi Hendrix. And Janis Joplin. And John Kerry. And...

Welcome to the New American Nightmare.

Welcome to 1984.


Rock da House!

Nothin' gets yer blood stirrin' first thing inna mornin' like a good, hard dose of Ozzy!

Crank it up & Rock da House!

I want yer fuckin' windows shakin'!



CSNY Freedom of Speech Tour

The young Iraq War Vet, Patrick Murphy, shown campaigning in Pennsylvania is now our Senator, having ousted Chickenhawk, Right-wanker Rick Santorum.

Guess the tour worked!

I hope this video motivates more people to March in DC on January 27th. For more information, check out United For Peace.

See you there!


The Saint's Go Marching On...

Who Needs Mardi Gras? Saints March On - SPORTS -

Who Needs Mardi Gras? Saints March On

By BARRY WILNER, AP Football Writer
Sun Jan 14, 0:43 AM

(New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees (9) reacts at the end of a 27-24 win over the Philadelphia Eagles in their NFC divisional playoff football game at the Louisiana Superdome in New Orleans, Saturday, Jan. 13, 2007. AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez)

NEW ORLEANS - Who needs Mardi Gras when you're one game from the Super Bowl? Deuce McAllister and rookie sensation Reggie Bush gave this battered city a reason to throw itself a party, carrying the New Orleans Saints where they've never been before _ one game from the Super Bowl.

To constant chants of 'DEUCE!' or 'REG-GIE! REG-GIE!' the Saints used an assortment of spectacular plays to beat the Philadelphia Eagles 27-24.

'This year, some things have happened for us and it's like, wow, this may be destiny,' McAllister said."

Well, it's over for another year, but if the Eagles had to lose, I'm glad it was the Saints who beat them. This is their year, their time to shine. After what New Orleans has been through and all that it is still going through, it is just and fitting that they go on and win the Superbowl. The Saints' are now America's Team as far as I'm concerned, just as the New York Yankees were after September 11, 2001. People who hated the Yanks all their lives climbed on their band-wagon in support, not so much of a team, but of a city that had sufferred a devastating attack on it's citzens and it's heart.

So here's to the New Orleans Saints!

Enjoy your well earned and justly deserved victory. My heart goes with your City and your Team.

Now March on to the Superbowl and bring it home for all of us.