Saturday, March 15, 2008


deuddersun Returns to New Yawk City

0200 hours came early last Sunday morning. Way too early for a guy who isn't used to getting up before the sun anymore, but the clock didn't seem to care one way or another as it roused me from a two hour slumber. So after a smoke, a shower, and setting the coffee pot to brew at 0700 for damagster, I managed to get myself dressed and head north by 4 am. It's been about 3 long months since I've had any gainful employment and I found myself woefully out of shape for work. Thankfully the little magic pill I had washed down with a mouthful of scotch was kicking in and my left leg was starting to quiet down as I fired up the old Dodge Ram pick-'em up truck and pulled out of the driveway.

I love the wee hours. I really do. Bars in Pennsylvania close at 2 so there weren't even any "last call" drunks on the road as I headed north. Reaching the Pennsy Turnpike, I gave the Dodge it's head and quietly thrilled as 360 cubic inches of Detroit iron warmed to the task. The fuel injectors poured liquid energy into the cylinders while the stereo, tuned as always to 92.5 Philly Country, finished the job of waking me fully with the song from the video above. As I entered the Turnpike from the on ramp, I put the pedal to the metal and let the needle hit the century mark before backing it down to a more reasonable 85 mph. One hour and twenty minutes, (and a half a tank of $2.99 per gallon) later, I was pulling onto the lot at Steiner Studios, well ahead of anyone-else. Over the next hour, the boys would pull in too, all happy to see each other again and ready to begin the week-long party that passes for work with us.

Okay, that's about all I can do in that vein for a while. You see, I just came from Buffalo's place and I thought I might try my hand at writing the way he does. Normally I would have said, "I got up too dam early and drove to work." Reading over what I just wrote, I kinda like it, but let me tell you, for me at least, it requires a lot of effort to create the visuals that come so naturally to folks like Buffalo. There was a time when I could paint those mental images with words quite easily, but by now, I've burnt one too many brain cells to wield the verbal brush, which brings me to another subject - alcohol and substance "abuse". Now I've put "abuse" in quotes because there are folks who can partake without "abusing" and then there's folks like me, caught between Raising Hell and Amazing Grace. For those, like Buffalo and my brother scroff, who have tamed their souls in spite of themselves, I offer the following video. For guys like me, well, it ain't over 'til it's over, maybe next time...

I guess the point here is the battle is never lost as long as you're willing to keep fighting.

Oh, the first week went great.

See you next weekend.

Love each other and take care of each other.


Sunday, March 09, 2008


deuddersun contemplates returning to work.

Well, friends, it's finally here. Actually, it started Friday. I'm back on the job. It's a Disney feature film called "When In Rome". Right now that's about all I know, other than Monday it will be time to kick the tires and light the fires, so I won't be around as much. (I can hear some sighs of relief out there, lol).

In the meantime, there is some unfinished business with the American Patriot Institute concerning new members. At present Cafkia, Buffalo and Wordsmith have been voted in. We need their "baby pics" for the image map. I will update my API link list today. I am also floating the idea of either a website or a blog dedicated to the American Patriot Institute. I feel that this would serve us well. All members would have posting privileges and it would be one site to go to for votes or other business, instead of running around to many different blogs posting off-topic comments dealing with API business. I need some feedback and direction with this. This is a "we" thing and I don't want to assume anything.

I tried to post yesterday
. Blogger gave me hell. Couldn't get into The Dishpan Chronicles or Alternate Brain. Managed to get into Buffalo's place, but in the middle of the comment I was posting, the winds really kicked up and the lights went out. We lost electrical power until this morning, sigh. Stuff like that doesn't happen here very often and when it does the Philadelphia Electric Company is right on top of it, so this must have been pretty bad. As it is now, trees and power lines are still down everywhere, but I guess we were lucky. A lot of folks won't get their power back until tomorrow morning. So there we were, Magster and me, with no form of entertainment except for... Anyway, I didn't get much sleep, lol!

Also, while there isn't much to look at yet, I am extending an invitation to any of my readers who may be in the New York City area to tour Steiner Studios in Brooklyn. Leave me a comment or shoot me an e-mail if you're interested.

Here's lookin at You, kid....

Well, that's about it for now.
You won't hear anymore from me until next weekend, unless I get back to my Brooklyn joint early enough to post, but I kinda doubt that. So I leave you with a self-potrait to remind you of ole "d" and know that, where-ever you are, what-ever you're doing, I'm thinking of you and smilin' atcha!

Pax Tibi!