Friday, January 19, 2007

Now I've Done it!

Woke up this morning around 0300 hours (3 a.m.) and went on my usual romp around the blogosphere. Saw Spadoman's new blog and Mod's and for some reason, I went temporarily insane...I switched to the NEW Blogger!
(Oh shit! How do I un-fuck this?)
What made me do it was basically the fact that I am one of those dinosaurs still roaming the planet who is computer illiterate. What I know is this, when I turn the machine on, I want it to work. When I post something on Blogger, I want it to work. I have neither the time nor the desire to learn html, css, ftd, lsd, wtf? I just want to be able to post shit and see it happen!

So I took the tour. "Just drag and drop! No sweat!" "We transfer your entire blog! Oboy!" Well, you can imagine what this meant to a guy like me! So I hit the "Switch Now" button.

Great! But the main reason I did that was so that I could add things to my template without going cross-eyed trying to figure out where, in that spaghetti mess of html, shit went! That's the hitch! See, you have to "upgrade" your template too. So I did.


First of all, mebrudder, scroff, spent considerable time and effort not too long ago updating this place and organizing shit for me. Anytime I wanted to change anything here I had to get scroff to do it. For instance, I have wanted to add the API logo and my Union logo for some time now, but every time I looked at the template page I just shuddered and said fuck it. I hate bothering mebrudder every time I want to make a change, I just wanted to be able to do it myself!

Well, I did it. As you can see, there's shit missing here, like my fucking links! I don't know why they didn't transfer over! Blogger "help" is no help at all and I can't even find a way to contact these guys that will give me a response. My counter is also gone and some other shit I just don't remember now, oh yeah, Haloscan commenting! I like Haloscan. They give me everybody's IP and source and allow me to delete, edit or ban comments and commenters. I want them back! Blogger told me when I switched that they would keep a "backup" of my old site and I could change back if I wanted to, but I'm dammed if I can find it.

So, the bottom line here is that while I like having the ability to "drag & drop" in my template, I may have to redo all my links, which is going to piss me off to no end since I'm sure I'll miss someone that I want included! This is dam near enough to drive me to the bottle and may even cause me to crush a kitten or two...

Anyway, I'll be tinkering with this all day. At some point I may even get it straightened out. If not I'll be doing exactly what I tried to avoid doing...being a pain in the ass to mebrudder, scroff.

Wish me luck!


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