Monday, March 03, 2008

deuddersun Announces Presidential Endorsement

Since I may be absent from the blogo-verse for a while, I thought it somewhat important, (well, important to me anyway), to announce the candidate I am endorsing for President. Since I am pretty disgusted with the current crop of Parlor-tricians, I looked far and wide for a viable, alternative candidate. But who?

Then it hit me! Why not throw my support behind the guy I supported in 2004 in the race for Senator from New York? The guy who ran against Lazio and Clinton!

He's new, fresh and exciting and embodies many of the fine traits and qualities I see in myself.

So, without further ado, I give you...

deuddersun's choice for President of The United States of America!


This is Beeltle! Bad as can...

Since Beetle has yet to make an updated campaign video, I'm posting the one from his Senate run so folks can get an idea of where he stands on the issues!

So there you have it! deuddersun's choice for President of the United States of America!


He's as bad as bad and he knows he's the best! He's big and he's strong... And he knows what he knows and he knows he's as bad and he knows what he's after...!

And he sure can't do any worse than the blithering idiot, sociopath, gangster occupying the White House now!


Whoever you endorse, whoever you vote for, just make sure of one thing, he or she is not a Republi-con!

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