Saturday, May 29, 2004

Refugees tell of rising anger in Fallujah

From The Christian Science Monitor, April 14th 2004.

Refugees tell of rising anger in Fallujah

A fragile, four-day cease-fire still in place as of Tuesday.

By Christina Asquith | Correspondent of The Christian Science Monitor

BAGHDAD – With a US Apache helicopter hovering above, Kadher Fudella took her children and began to run. She did not stop until she reached the highway, along with scores of other refugees, flagging down cars headed to Baghdad.
"My children tried to run away and the helicopters chased them," says Ms. Fudella, breaking into tears. "Families were running through the streets.... Windows were broken, and many, many people were dead."

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While I do not for a minute believe that United States Marines are intentionally targeting civilians, I realize that in this instance what you or I think is not important. It is what the Iraqi's think that matters here, and if they believe these reports then in their minds we are worse than Saddam Hussiem. (At least he was an Iraqi. We on the other hand are rapidly turning from "Liberators" to "Foriegn Occupiers and Oppressors".) Should this belief spread, and all indications are that this is happening, (in spite of George Bush's declarations to the contrary), we could face a nationwide insurrection we are ill-prepared to handle. Yet once again, Nero fiddles while Rome burns.