Friday, May 28, 2004

Grim's Hall

First, let me say that there is nothing "Grim" about Grim's Hall. The site is run by a fine Gentleman whose chosen nom de guerre is Grim and offers an excellent mix of socio-political commentary and heroic prose. It's true purpose, I believe, is to remind those of us of the "male persuasion" of the time proven values of Honor, Integrity and, to a certain degree, Chivalry. Frankly, as a fomer Marine, COID (Currently On In-active Duty), these are values I hold in high regard. I've always tried to be the "Right Kind Of Guy". Grim is the "Right Kind Of Guy". Give him a visit and a shout at Grim's Hall.

Among other posts, he's got an interesting letter from a Spanish friend detailing the events leading up to the recent elections in Spain, (interesting insight from one who lives there), as well as a post outlining the Austrailian Government's attempt to confiscate it's citizens' swords! (You can't make this shit up, check it out!)