Friday, May 28, 2004

One for Us All...

I was originally going to call this "One For The Right". Yet as I watched the images unfold, I thought of Paul Gill; father, friend, NYC Fireman. Lost on 9/11/01 when the World Trade Center collapsed, wiping out thousands in a heartbeat frozen in time, Paul among them.

I realized that what I was watching was not a political statement. It was a reminder of what had happened and could well happen again. You can interpret it as you wish. For me, while I opposed the Invasion of Iraq, I was fully supportive of the Invasion of Afghanistan. I fully support any and all efforts to kill Bin Laden and his henchmen. I have questions about "our" priorities, targets, motives, etc. I have no questions concerning Bin Laden and Al Queda. They must be eliminated. They will be eliminated.

That said, I wish Godspeed to our Pakistani Allies, who at this moment may be closing the net on the Number 2 man in Bin Laden's Organization of Evil, Egyptian deputy Ayman al-Zawahri. Whether or not al-Zawahri is there, one thing is certain, there will be some 400 fewer pieces of human garbage around to trouble the peace of the world when the day is done.

Be prepared for graphic images. Be prepared to shed tears. Be prepared to feel the flames of anger stir in your hearts. Be prepared to see this through to it's bloody conclusion, regardless of who occupies the White House.

I give you Blood of Heroes. Never Forget.

Thanks to S. A. Healy, who didn't forget, and reminded me.