Thursday, May 27, 2004

"Round da 'Sphere"

Well, it's Wednesday and I've been remiss. I wanted to publish this on Tuesday, oh well, sue me. Why Tuesday? Well, blogging seems to be light over the weekend as most folks get on with their real lives and return to Blogland on Monday evening. Hence Tuesday. Anyway, here we go!

Scroff, at Any Which Way has a number of new posts to comment on. One deals with Kerry's comment that a number of "World Leaders" have unofficially endorsed his candidacy and another looks at the Medicare Debacle. In between is an article dealing with 9/11 and who knew what. He's still looking for folks to tell him why they will vote for GWB in the Forums. (Linked to here in an earlier post.)

The Mad One, at Mad Mikey's Blogspot ,(known to some as the Robot Space Monkey Overlord of California is still in the throes of the dreaded Final Exams and is seeking advice on the best way to cram for a Final. Help the guy out, willya?

Mike The Marine, at From The Halls To The Shores is waxing poetic and lamenting his verbosity! LOL! Mike is a good guy who suports his arguments logically without getting nasty, so please offer him the same courtesy.

Cait , at Caiterwauling, has a lot going on this week. She has introduced a new contributor to her site by the delightful name of Wierd Pixie, check her out. Cait also has a wonderfulyy amusing post dealing with cats, and the folks they represent (I'm Biker Dude LOL! ). Happy St. Pat's to you too, Cait.

Chelle, at Dare My Wild Heart, also has a lot going on. First up, an "Irish Lullaby" to ease us all into St. Patrick's Day, then one of the best rants I have ever heard against Mike, "The Weener" Savage. Also Chelle's review of "The Passion of The Christ".

Nat, at Turning Wheels has been occupied with her new family member, Marleau. She still has the link up to Terror in Israel, The Human Cost of Terror an excellent phot-essay illustrating the effects of "homicide-bombings" in Israel. If you haven't seen it yet, check it out. Again, I warn you it's graphic, but if you don't understand what those folks live through everyday, this will open your eyes.

That's about it for today. Gotta go shovel snow. Besides my Father want's his computer back for his day-trading and I'm outta here!

Happy St. Patrick's Day to All!!!!