Saturday, June 05, 2004

Google My Ass

Google is gone. At least from this blog. I found out that Google censors ads from websites critical of the Bush Administration, in particular, my brother's site Any Which Way. Their sole reason for not accepting paid advertising is that the site contains material that Google finds objectionable. So much for "Free Speech". Fuck Google. And if I find out that "Blogger" has the same policy, I'll move the whole damn show somewhere else. I have really had it with the Right Wankers. Speaking of which, "Who other than the wealthy still support George Bush? The stupid!"Ba Da Boom!

Well, Smarty may have lost, but Philly still has one hero, Bernard "The Executioner" Hopkins. Congratulations on your victory, Executioner! I'm now up $1004 on the night! Let's see what de LaHoya does!


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