Saturday, June 05, 2004

No Smarty Party and Other Random Thoughts...

Well, Smarty Jones lost. No Triple Crown for the undersized pony with the huge heart from Philly. So, what else is new? We who live in Philadelphia are used to such things. Look at our sports teams, the Flyers, the Eagles, the Sixers, the Phillies. Always a bridesmaid, never a bride. Oh well, shit happens. Lucky for me I hit on some cover bets so I came our four dollars ahead. Four dollars. About describes my life about now. Four dollars ahead. How the fights turn out remain to be seen. I'll either be a big winner or a big loser. Oh fuckin' well.

Some of you have already taken exception to my comments on Ronald Ray-Gun's passing. Like I said before, he was a piece of shit. The only good thing to come out of his life is the fact that "Mommy" is taking Smirky the Chimp to task over stem cell research and the only reason she is doing this is because Ronnie had Alzheimers. One thing I've learned in my life is that when you're in a fight to the death you welcome any allies that help you at that time, and Lord knows we need all the allies we can get to defeat Monkeyboy and restore America to it's former greatness. You get 'em, "Mommy"! ( Does that make you as sick as it does me, that he actually referred to her as Mommy?)


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