Saturday, June 05, 2004

Run Smarty, Run!!!!

Sorry...I know I should have been catching up like I promised. I just didn't realize what weekend it was. The Belmont Stakes and Championship Boxing! Time to go to work on my "second" job.

I've got Smarty to win, straight. I've got Rock Hard Ten to win straight. I've boxed the Trifecta with Smarty, Rock Hard Ten and Purge. Tonight I've got deLaHoya and Hopkins to win. Tune in tomorrow to see how I did. If any of you are gamblers, let me know how You made out, and what I did right or what I did wrong.

On another note. Just heard that Ronald Raygun died. As far as I'm concerned, twenty or so years too late. This prick, who was President of the Screen Actor's Guild, did more to set back Organized Labor than any other single individual in the history of our great Republic. Add to that the fact that he was indirectly responsible or the birth of the Neo-cons and it is easy to see why I despised him. Ronnie, Rot In Peace.

Well, ladies and Gentlemen, place your wagers, the horses are at the Gate!


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