Sunday, May 30, 2004

I'm Back...

A heartfelt, sincere thank you to those of you who posted sympathies on my Mom's death. She was a beautiful, loving woman, passionate about life and her family.

A lot has happened in the last couple of weeks that has challenged my feelings and beliefs, or perhaps, reminded me of what I learned so long ago: humans may be the most intelligent animals on the planet, but we are all STILL animals. The grusome murder of Nick Berg overshadows the horror of the prison abuse in Iraq, but not by much. In my humble opinion, Berg was either a naive young man or a foolish one, in any case, I am certain of three things:

One: Going to Iraq on your own without a contract in hand, either from the United States Government or a legitimate sub-contractor, is not only foolish, but god-damned dangerous and should not be undertaken lightly.

Two: Add to that the fact that you have no military training, (kinda helps in a war zone if you're on your own), and the chances of survival go down substantially.

Three: Add to that, the fact that you're Jewish in a hostile, lawless, Arab land, without any "formal" support, and the "Doh!" index goes waaaay up! Now his parents want to sue the U.S. Government! (Whuuut?) Where were they when he wanted to go over there in the first place?

None-the-less, foolishness should NOT warrant a horrible death of the kind Nick Berg sufferred; recorded, for all the world to see. His last moments, ignominously displayed to anyone with a little internet savvy, have achieved the exact opposite his murderers hoped for. Instead of striking fear or remorse into the hearts of Americans, Nick Berg's horrible death has overshadowed the "atrocities" at Abu Gharid prison and enflamed the hearts of Americans against the Arab World...

...Sorry, there I go. All I wanted to say is, I'm back. I'll finish this post tomorrow. All the old posts will be back along with the new one's.

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