Saturday, December 09, 2006

MIA No More!

Found! Lost Dog!

Talked to the Bulldog yesterday! No, he ain't dead. Not even badly bleedin'! Just needed a little R&R is all!

I met Bulldog last year when his company sent him to that Den of Iniquity, New York City! Hooked up with him and some co-workers of his and went on a mission! Hogs & Heifer's, The Red Rock West Saloon, and a few other places of ill repute will never be the same! (Coyote Ugly aside, Hogs is the original! I have gotten drunk with Harrison Ford there and watched Julia Roberts dance on the bar and strip off her bra to hang it on the Honored Antlers behind the bar.)

Now Bulldog informs me that he will be traveling East once more, in April.

New York City, Stand the fuck by!

We also talked about the possibilty of getting the entire Rogues Gallery together at someplace sometime. Don't know if it will ever happen but I will say this, if it does, where-ever it does, batten down the hatches and get yer wimin-folk off the streets! This group makes "The Wild bunch" look like Boy Scouts!

Okay, 'Dog, get back to yer keyboard and get busy! Chop-chop!


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