Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Care For A Glass of Santa's Butt?

If you are looking for a refreshing sip of Santa's Butt this Yule you'd better not be in Maine!

Seems the Moralists in Maine are unaware that "Butt" is English for "Barrel". English, that is, as in England. Fortunately, we live in Pennsylvania, so we could, if so inclined, actually taste Santa's Butt!

Now I haven't asked Mags if she'd like to put her lips to Santa's Butt, but as for me, I think I'll stay with the King, (no, not the King of England, the King of Beers), Budweiser! (Sneeringly referred to by some of my more sophisticated, read "snobbish", friends as Butt-wiper Beer.)

Seems I can't escape being the "butt" of the joke no matter what, so I'll leave it up to your good taste!

Oh, and did you notice that the importer is located in Belchertown? Too dam funny!


Shelton Brothers, Belchertown, MA,


Link to story:
Ho? Ho? Ho? Maine Says No to Santa Label - NEWS - STRANGE - Comcast.net

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