Thursday, December 07, 2006


Am I the only one with a sense of urgency?

The Iraq Study Group has finally released it's findings, EIGHT MONTHS LATER!!!

And President Dipshit still doesn't get it! The article linked to below explains my distress and disgust with Fric & Frac, Bush and his Puppet, Tony Blair.

During the aforementioned eight fucking months, over 600 more Americans lost their lives while Politico's sought ways to "gracefully" end Bush's Folly. The Rogues Gallery ( a loose group of MilBloggers I belong to, headed up by Moderateman), could have come up with this shit in 8 fucking minutes!

How many more will die before the 79 recommendations are acted upon?

So, I'll ask again, am I the only one with a sense of urgency here?


Bush: To Win in Iraq, Beat Extremists - NEWS -

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