Friday, April 06, 2007

Bush to America: Fuck YOU!

How long are we, the American people, going to let this arrogant little prick flip us off? When is enough, enough?

After withdrawing Sam Fox's name from consideration for the post of Ambassador to Belgium, (Kerry Sinks Swiftboat Backer) due to strong opposition by Democrats, George Bush pulled an end around this week and used a "Recess Appointment" to reward Fox for his slimy participation in the Switfboats Veteran's For Truth's smearing of Senator John Kerry's service record in the last Presidential Election, by naming him Ambassador while Congress was on recess.

The arrogance with which Bush "rules" smacks of the kind of totalitarianism usually reserved for Monarchs and Emperors. Now the Democrats must call for yet another investigation into the way this Administration does business. This appears to be a preview of the way our Government is going to function until Bush and his Crime Cartel are out of office. Bush will do whatever he wants and the rest of us will be running behind him trying to fix the damage he leaves in his wake.

Unless, ofcourse, he is Impeached. I fully realize that this would leave us in the hands of the Devil himself, Dick Cheney, but perhaps the Impeachment proceedings will reveal the depth of Criminality this Administration has engaged in and result in prosecution of all parties involved.

That would be too much to hope for, but maybe now, the newly elected Congress will realize what they are up against and act accordingly. So, Madam Speaker, put it back on the Table before it's too late!

Dems Call for Review of Bush Appointment
By ANNE FLAHERTY, Associated Press Writer

Fri Apr 6, 8:04 AM

WASHINGTON - Democrats called for an investigation Thursday into whether President Bush acted illegally in appointing Sam Fox ambassador to Belgium.

A day earlier, Bush named Republican fundraiser Fox to the post as a recess appointment _ a maneuver that allowed him to bypass Congress, where Democrats had derailed his nomination.

"We view the recess appointment of Mr. Fox as a clear abuse of the President's recess appointment power," three Democratic senators wrote in a letter to the Government Accountability Office, Congress' auditing agency.


I strongly urge everyone to write, call or e-mail their elected officials and demand and end to the Rule of King George. It's time to make our beloved country a Democracy again.


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