Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Keith Richards Snorts Dad

Now THAT's Hardcore!

I have always loved this guy. Friends, in my 25 plus years in the Movie business, I have smoked enough Grass to cover the Blue Ridge Mountains.

In my day,
I have snorted enough cocaine to fill 20 freight trains. I have tried everything from Acid to Ecstasy, from Crack to Heroin, I have consumed enough scotch & beer to fill the Great Lakes. Shit, I even tried to smoke banana peels when Donovan first sang about "Elec-tric-ka Bananas"!

But I ain't never done nothing like this...

Keith Richards: `I Snorted My Father'

By Associated Press
LONDON - Keith Richards has acknowledged consuming a raft of illegal substances in his time, but this may top them all. In comments published Tuesday, the 63-year-old Rolling Stones guitarist said he had snorted his father's ashes mixed with cocaine.

"The strangest thing I've tried to snort? My father. I snorted my father," Richards was quoted as saying by British music magazine NME. (More)

The guy is amazing! Is he a maniac? Ofcourse! I have always loved maniacs! It's one of the reasons I chose the Corps, they're all fuckin' nuts!

All I can say is, Dad, don't get cremated!

Without further ado, I give you the Madman himself!

And just for old times sake...

Rock and Roll will never die!



Well it seems I have confessed to my mis-spent youth in vain! You got it! April Fool's on deuddersun! I like the guy's sense of humor though...lol!

Richards Denies Snorting His Dad's Ashes

Keith Richards

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