Monday, April 02, 2007

"Pet" Food Fiasco

To some, they are "pets". To others, "animals". To daMagster and me, and countless others, they are part of our families.

The recent Pet Food recall from Menu Foods has grown yet again. More brands have been added to the list of potentially fatal Pet Food products, including "snacks".

So far, Purina only has one product on the list. Prime Cuts in Gravy. So far. Purina products are what daMagster and I feed our "kids", Cappy, the happy, one-eyed wonderdog pictured with me above, and our two cats, Rachel, Mag's "familiar", (black, of course), and Sweetpea, our deaf cat who responds to hand signals and comes when she is "called".

The list of contaminated food products is huge and it shows no sign of abating. On the contrary, it seems to grow longer each and every day. With that in mind, daMagster and I have decided to forego "pet" food and prepare our kids dinners ourselves. We highly recommend this to any of my readers who have "extended" families. Why take the chance with a loved one? The joy these little creatures bring to our lives is immeasurable and priceless and compared to us, their little lives are already way too short.

While trying to find the latest information on the web I came across a wonderful website which addresses this and other "pet" concerns admirably well, Ask Susan Peters. If you have any questions concerning this or other "pet" concerns, the answers can be found here. Below you will find a link to this site as well as links to the FDA , Menu Foods and Purina.

I can tell you this. If one of our little guys dies because of this, a Class Action Lawsuit will be the last thing the folks at Menu Foods will have to worry about. There will be one pissed off Marine heading north for retribution. In typical Corporate fashion, Menu Foods has been buying their Wheat Gluten from China, a country that can barely keep it's own drinking water clean. I'm sure it was cheaper than American or Canadian wheat gluten initially, but now, the costs to Menu Foods will be substantial, if only because millions of people can no longer trust them to feed their "pets".

Please consider doing what we are doing. Chicken and ground beef isn't that much more expensive than what we normally feed our "kids". Throw in a little rice and you're all set. Susan Peters actually has recipes that you can use to make your own "pet" food dinners, God Bless her!

Okay. The links are below. I'm off to the market! Take care of those who give you unconditional love!

Menu Foods



Ask Susan Peters

d. & daMagster

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