Monday, December 18, 2006

An Apology..of sorts...

I recently ran across a lovely young lady at spadoman's who goes by the name of meldonna. I clicked on her link and found myself at her place where I read this post. Now most of my readers know that I don't always act in good taste, but then, I tend to follow Larry Flint's philosophy, "We don't want readers with good taste, we want readers who taste good!" (Uh, that's a joke, 'kay?)

So I posted a link to "Fuck The South". It was meant to be humorous, but, well...apparently I offended the young lady. Her response can be found here.

This is my response:

Good answer, meldonna. You have my apologies. Honestly, I wasn't looking for a scrap. That was originally posted on Nov. 11, 2004, 5 days after many of us believe Bush stole his second Presidential Election, and yes, it is bitter. Don't know if you saw the post I have with all the Republi-con Conventioneers running around NYC with little Purple Heart band-aids on their smirking faces, thinking they were dissing Kerry, while in truth they were dissing every Veteran who ever earned a Purple Heart as well as the Medal itself. I can't tell you how many of them flipped me off or shouted obscenities at me in their charming Southern accents as I sat at traffic lights because I had an Impeach Bush bumper sticker on my truck. Guess they chose to ignore the United States Marine Corps bumper sticker right above it.

For years we on the Left have had to put up with insults and worse from those on the Right. I have been called a traitor by Chickenhawks who never wore the uniform themselves and never will. Nor will their children in this current Bush fiasco in Iraq. I firmly supported going into Afghanistan to get Bin Fergotten and so did most of us on the Left, but when Bush manufactured his can't wait "strategy" to invade Iraq, he lost us. And even tho he was wrong to go in there, some of us still supported him until it became obvious that he had no clue about winning "hearts & minds".

So you see, there is no love lost here for the Right, who, now that they have had their asses kicked and may well lose the White House in '08, are suddenly talking about "working together", being "bi-partisan", letting bygones be bygones and "moving forward". Fuck 'em! They have done so much damage to our country and our Constitution that it will take years to undo it all. Not to mention the damage they have inflicted on the American working family, (but I will go into that at a later date at my place).

At any rate, the post was not meant to be a personal attack against you and I apologize if it was taken that way.


Ultra-Lib'ril, Commie-Pinko, Moonbat Raper of Mothers, Killer of Unborn babies and Traitor to the United States of 'Merka (Joke, get it, Joke!)

By the way, the young lady's got an excellent site, Baja Canada, Seattle check it out when you get a chance! Link on the title or sidebar.

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