Sunday, December 17, 2006

Guest Editorial by the Marvelous 44Magster

Ladies & Gentlemen, the Marvelous 44magster offers her profiles of the members of the Rogues Gallery based on the pictures shown here!

Take it away Girlfren'!

Although Moderate has the eyes of a snake and looks like he has ice water in his veins - I do believe that Fixer is the one that is/could be a serial killer and the most dangerous.

Other than the fact that I know d and Scroff-------Fixer is the one I would most be afraid of!!! I base this on the fact that I have known a lot of guys in Kensington who looked liked him and they were no one to fu.. with.

Moderate immediately stood out because of his scary eyes which are very devious and this makes him hard to read. Moderate, however, is the guy I would want on the sneaky rifle covering my back.

Deuddersun and Scroff -- I can only speak from what I know, which is they are both psychopaths!!! no further comment...For Real...

Bulldog has psycho eyes but I think he has a somewhat level head, for what that is worth, but that is questionable. d, I know, has partied with Bulldog and from what I have heard about Bulldog, he can handle himself in any situation, and when we have to knuckle up - he is the man.

Gordon is difficult. He has far away eyes and that is unsettling. ..He reminds me of Clark Kent, sweet looking on the outside but extremely dangerous on the inside.

All in all I would not want to encounter any of you guys under any circumstances if I were on the other side. (Other than my d. who I have to, because I love the shithead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Profile By Maggie


Kensington: Particularly K & A, Kensington & Allegheny, the roughest Irish neighborhood in Philadelphia

fu..: fuck

Sneaky rifle: Remington 70

For real: for real

knuckle up: hand to hand combat

Clark Kent: Superman

shithead: My Marine

There you have it fellas, the Rogues Gallery.

The Founding Fathers of The American Patriot Institute


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