Monday, December 18, 2006

I Am An Asshole

I recently had a post up entitled Fuck The South. I originally posted it in the heated days of extreme disappointment following the re-election of Smirky the Chimp in 2004. Well, it's now 2006 and I am an Asshole.

Frankly, the post was offensive to many, many good folks who live in the South and are working hard to change things there.

One of these individuals is Meldonna, from Baja Canada, Seattle. This young Lady has class. On top of that she's on our side and I almost alienated her...almost, but she has way more class than I do so she gave me the benefit of the doubt and I am grateful.

The post is gone. It will remain gone. My weak ass apology to this fine young Lady is still up so you can see what a jerk I can be.

This, however, is from the heart, with no caveats.

I apologize to you Meldonna, and all the other good, hard-working folks who are also our Brothers and Sisters and who, like us, are working hard to save our country.


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