Friday, December 22, 2006

First Annual No Talent Pageant

Baja Canada, Seattle:

"Naughty or Nice?


Just when public policy was starting to really put a damper on the holidays, we have the Donald and the O'Donnell to distract. And even better, a Big Tent Event over at the Gay Agenda!"

(deuddersun displaying his no talent Rapping technique)

Yes Brothers & Sistas! It's the First Annual No Talent Pageant hosted by the Gay Agenda and Emcee'd by our very own meldonna, of Baja Canada, Seattle!

Now I'm not sure what the hell the whole thing is about, I seem to remember reading that you don't have to be Gay, but it helps, there's lots of Cocktail Lezbins, (which sounds kinda good to me), and stuff is gonna be snorted along with 151 proof Jello shots with the Bush Twins.

There's also this thing where you enter your shoes, (I'm not showing mine here, I'll save that for the actual contest - I'm in it to win it - Mags! Where's that 35 year old, moldy pair of jungle boots I had hanging from the rafters inna basement? You know the ones with the dogshit on the heel? The ones that you claim stink worse than the Eagles' locker room after a hot August mini-camp?)

Anyway, don't delay! Registration is in progress, (I think) and the whole thing kicks off right after Christmas. For more info, or I should say, the correct info, see meldonna at Baja Canada, Seattle!


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