Thursday, November 30, 2006

Legislating Morality

Right on, Franklin!

Far out, man, canyadiggit?

A recent article by Katie Hess for the Associated Press states that as of the end of last year, 7 million of our fellow citizens, (an amazing 1 in 32!), were either imprisoned or on parole or probation! 2, 200,000 were behind bars!

The article also states that 49% of all Federal prisoners are incarcerated due to drug-related activities!

49%! And that's just the Federal Prison Population! That doesn't account for State, County and Municipal Jails!

This is insane!

Now I will admit that I am biased. I love the Noble Weed and partake regularly and I'm not ashamed to say so. In fact, being a "Child Of The Sixties", there aren't too many drugs that I haven't at least tried. I smoked my first joint in the Summer of '64, the same night that I lost my virginity to an older sister of a friend of mine. The combination of sex and weed and the Beatles was overwhelming! Darlene was so beautiful! Long, black hair and blue eyes. Breasts just the right size with perfect nipples. And a dark sensuality that drew me into an abyss of pleasure and swallowed me whole. Since then I have rarely made love without the noble weed. The orgasms go on forever and unlike Viagra, there are no detrimental side effects.

Except one.

My partner and I could be arrested and imprisoned for enjoying our drug of choice.

Which brings me to the point. How can you legislate morality?

I know that we do, but I don't believe it is right. What is moral behavior for one is immoral and distasteful to another.

Homosexuality, for instance. If you believe homosexuality is an abomination, great! Don't be a homosexual.

If you believe that Gay marriage is a sin, terrific! Don't marry a Gay person!

And if you believe that abortion is a sin, fine! Don't have one!

But please don't tell me that your morals are superior to mine and that I must adhere to yours!

There are many good reasons to legalize certain drugs. Not the least being the fact that millions of otherwise law-abiding American citizens enjoy a toke or two of "Happy Air" and are currently at risk of going to prison for nothing more than a personal preference.

I have tried to do some research on the percentage of people arrested and/or incarcerated for either marijuana or cocaine possession and/or trafficking. It is very hard to do since many people who have been arrested for other crimes have also been in the possession of a "controlled substance" at the time of their arrest. Many of these crimes have been very serious, such as rape and murder. Many of these crimes have been committed because of the drugs themselves, such as "drive-bys" and "turf wars" for control of an a/o (area of operations).

On the surface this seems to be the perfect argument against legalization, but, those individuals would have committed the offense anyway! The fact that they were in possession of an illegal drug is incidental to the primary offense, ie: rape, murder. Many more crimes are committed as a result of alcohol intoxication, should we outlaw alcohol? Ofcourse not, since the majority of us use alcohol responsibly. Denying the responsible majority because of a foolish few is nonsense.

As for "drive-by shootings" and "turf wars", they simply wouldn't exist if the gangs had nothing to fight over! There will always be gangsters as long as there is something people want that they cannot get anywhere-else. We can eliminate a whole lot of them by legalizing the very product that sustains them! Believe me, it's a whole lot easier to sell a bag of weed or coke than it is to set up a sports book, money-loaning operation or pimp stable. I''m talking from experience here folks.

Now the latest in our Insane Government's attempt to appeal to the conscience of the more affluent "substance abusers" informs us that using illegal drugs finances terrorism! If that were true, I'd be performing an Unpatriotic act right now!

The fact is that the most harmful drug, opium, from which we get morphine and heroin, is flourishing in Afghanistan! In fact, since we "liberated" Afghanistan, the poppy production has grown to the point where Afghanistan now produces 95% of the world's heroin! (Yeah, we're in control there! Right!)

How much of that do you think is financing terrorism? Bou-fucking-coup!

Bottom line is folks, as we used to say in the Fabulous '60's, "You do your thing and I'll do mine".

"Do your own thing as long as you don't hurt anybody."

Okay, gotta go, my joint went out and I gotta find a light!


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