Thursday, May 20, 2004

Site Update

I've upgraded the HaloScan Comments Section. Sure it cost a few measly sheckels, but, hey, it's worth it. Under the Basic Account, comments were limited to 1,000 characters per comment. This has been increased to 3,000. This should allow posters to express themselves without having to worry about rewriting part of their post because they hit the 1,000 character limit.

I've also discovered that if you click the little blue "?" next to the word "comments", it will open a little window with a few smilies and some basic code, ie: bold, italicize, etc. I believe this feature is available in HaloScan's Basic accounts as well.

The best feature of the Upgrade is for me though. It enables me to edit or delete a post right from the comments box! I don't expect to have to use this too much, but...Al, are you listening?

Comments are very important to me. I view them as an ongoing dialogue, as if we were all sitting around my living room, enjoying refreshments and good conversation. That's not to say I expect everyone to agree with me, I don't. But if you don't agree with me, please tell me why. You may have a point that hadn't occurred to me or someone-else. If you do agree with me, well, hell, I'll take all the "attaboys" I can get.

Other upgrades are being considered. At the moment, Blogger is revamping their system so my hands are tied. As soon as the new upgrades are available, (such as photo and image publishing), I'll implement them.