Thursday, May 20, 2004

'Round da Sphere...our little circle

This is something I'd like to do every Tuesday, if possible. (Every now & then my peacefull existance is interrupted by something called "work", sigh...)
Anyway, there's a lot going on out there and while I can't cover it all, I can do what I can do...(huh?)

So, here we go...

scroff, at Any Which Way has a great piece on Howard Stern and another on Bush Campaign Fundraising.

ruthalla, at Any Which Way offers an insight into the Source of our "intelligence" on Iraq's bioweapons.

Mad Mikey at Mad Mikey's Blogspot has the latest news on the fate of John Allen Muhammad, one of the two snipers who terrorized the DC area two years ago, as well a piece on a woman who tried to cash a fake $1 million bill! Also it seems like California is striving to maintain it's title as the Most Bizarre State in the Union. Yup, seems like some folks on the "Left Coast" seem to think the voting age should be lowered to 14! Go, check it out! You can't make this shit up!

Mike The Marine at From The Halls to The Shores is out on manuevers this week. Should have some good "No shit and there I wuz..." stories for us when he gets back.

Cait, at Caiterwauling has a new family member. She also has a couple of posts about John Kerry. Warning to Lefties, they don't present Kerry in a very good light, but Cait's reasonable and if you can logically dispute her posts, you're welcome to. (I know, I'm more Left than Right, but I'm not going to live in a fantasy world where only my opinion counts. Check it out, agree or disagree, BE CIVIL!)

Chelle, at Dare My Wild Heart, has a great discussion going on about a "humanistic, spiritual community". Check Chelle out on Fridays, she previews different applications and offers expert instructions on how to get the most out of them.

Nathalie, at TurningWheels is also welcoming a new family member. Kudos to Nat for rescuing Marleau. Nat has also linked to an excellent photo essay entitled "The Human Cost of Terrorism". Want to see what it must be like to live under the threat of everyday terror in Israel? Check it out. Warning! The images are graphic and disturbing, but not as disturbing as having to actually live through them.

Well, that about does it for today. As for some of the other sites, Activist San Diego has so much going on constantly I couldn't possibly keep up with it. Same for the AFLCIO.

One other thing. As I mentioned in my first post on this blog, some of this stuff leans to the Left, some to the Right. These websites are owned by folks who have respected me and my opinions and I can only offer them the same respect. I ask the same of you. Agree or disagree, it's up to you, hey, it's a free country, but please do so in a logical, civil manner. Save the flame wars for here!