Thursday, May 20, 2004

The First Post...

I stopped by Any Which Way this morning to see what was going on over there and hit on two posts that really struck me. The first is a post by scroff of an article written by retired Air Force Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatkowski entitled, "The New Pentagon Papers". This was written by a woman who worked on the "inside" of our intelligence gathering aparatus and is a real eye-opener. Here's a brief excerpt:

"In December 2002, I requested an acceleration of my retirement to the following July. By now, the military was anxiously waiting under the bed for the other shoe to drop amid concerns over troop availability, readiness for an ill-defined mission, and lack of day-after clarity. The neocons were anxiously struggling to get that damn shoe off. That other shoe fell with a thump, as did the regard many of us had held for Colin Powell, on Feb. 5 as the secretary of state capitulated to the neoconservative line in his speech at the United Nations -- a speech not only filled with falsehoods pushed by the neoconservatives but also containing many statements already debunked by intelligence."

I can hear the cries from the "Right" now..."Traitorous Bitch!" Read the article before you jump to conclusions. Why would someone with a successful military career behind her put her ass on the line now unless she truly believed that the very Republic she swore to defend was in serious jeopardy from a handful of self-serving, powerfull miscreants promoting their own agenda?

In my eyes, Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatkowski ranks right up there with Marine Corps General Anthony Zinni, a true American Patriot.