Sunday, June 10, 2007

Guess Who's Back?

Lookin like Eight miles of bad road

Sorry about the extended absence, been up to my ass in alligators while trying to drain the swamp.
Worked on two upcoming television shows, Canterbury's Law and Damages with Glenn Close. Long days, short nites and I ain't no spring chicken anymore. Next week I'm off to Connecticut for a TV movie. I'll be there all summer so my blogging will be light.

On top of all this, the media's preoccupation with Paris Hilton has disgusted me to the point where I am almost ready to join Cindy Sheehan and give all this up. What's the point? We live in a nation of minions and cretins who care more about some spoiled, misbehaving socialite than the fact that our troops are dying daily in a useless effort to stem a three way civil war.

Then again, maybe what they want is what I am seeking, a respite, a break from the tragedy and immorality of the Bush Administration. This is where my friends and fellow scholars come in, for while I have rested, they, you, have carried on the fight to save our Country from the corporatists who hold us in thrall.

So I ask your forgiveness and continued support. I just need a break.

It's a beautiful Sunday morning here in the Cradle of Liberty. I have some work to do around the house and then to the bar-b-que.

I have also been playing a lot of poker online, but that's another story for another day. You can find me on Poker Stars as deuddersun, Full Tilt as purpleleopard or Absolute Poker as chckrddemon, (you old heads should remember the Checkered Demon, lol!).

Actually got to the 2nd round in Tournament play at Full Tilt

So take today off and enjoy life for life's sake.
Appreciate every little thing for there will come a time when that is no longer possible. And feel the love I send your way as I feel the love you send to me. I'm off to the yard, the barbie and some kickass hillbilly hick-hop!

Will ya look at what they're doing in Texas!!!

Crank it up!

Love each other.


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