Monday, May 28, 2007

For Digger on Memorial Day

OCT.17,1924 - MAY 11,2007

(Photo from 1943)

Three weeks ago, my good friend and Union Brother, Henry Duys, (aka "Digger"), suffered a tragic loss, when his Father passed away.

Mr. Duys served in the United States Navy as a Signalman on a Frigate in the South Pacific, and was later stationed at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, now home to Steiner Studios, where we often work. As someone who was also stationed at the Navy Yard for a brief time, I can still "feel" the thousands who served there everyday I go to work.

I know Henry must sometimes "feel" his Father as well, and I hope it is some small consolation to know that he is working where his Father once served and that his Father is always with him now, living on in his heart.

This Memorial Day I will add Signalman Henry Meursinge Duys, Jr., United States Navy, to my prayers for the Faithful Fallen.

God Bless him and grant him the Peace he once fought to bring to all of us.


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