Sunday, April 15, 2007

Psychedelic Sunday...

Greetings, man! Like, welcome to the groovy second edition of Psychedelic Sunday! Far out, man, cannyadiggit?

So take the Alice B. Toklas outta the oven , grab yer honey, and roll up a doob!

This Bud's for you!

Diggit, man, the first vid is, like, up for Pursey Tuttweiler at

Live! At The Gay Agenda! Far out, Pursey, hope you, like diggit, man...

Hey! Saddle up with Pursey & d., man! Come Along If You Dare...

This second one, man, is like,a little messed up, man, like the video doesn't match the audio, man. But hey man! They're both, like, vintage man, cannyadiggit? Far out...besides, if yer as stoned as I am now it won't fucking matter, man...

Hey man, why take a journey when you can have a Parade?

Like, saved the Best for Last, man...out of sight1

Peace & Love 2 All!


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