Thursday, April 19, 2007

Cho Seung-Hui - Inside The Mind Of A Madman

Below is a portion of the video from Cho Seung-Hui which the F.B.I. allowed the News outlets to release.
It is not complete. It really doesn't need to be. For someone who was described as so quiet and aloof he wouldn't even greet his fellow students, he sure had a lot to say.

I'm no shrink so I won't try to analyze this disturbed individual.
Why he did what he did is of no consequence to me. I only need to know that he did it. I also fear that his crime may be repeated, just as his actions seem to have been a copy-cat of the Columbine massacre, (he refers to the Columbine killers else-where in his ramblings).

Many are questioning how he was able to legally purchase the weapons he used.
He had a history of psychological problems. I am sure, however, that had he not been able to purchase firearms legally, he would have found them else-where, on a street corner or a burglary. Or perhaps he would have used the hammer he has been pictured brandishing with a snarl on his face. Or the knives he is pictured with. It really doesn't matter what he used, no-one should have to face an armed madman with no means of defense! The man was bent on murder and mayhem, and the only thing that could have stopped him was what finally did - a bullet to his brain. It's a shame that ending came only after 32 of his fellow students were methodically and coldly murdered and dozens others wounded.

So what can we do? What are we to do when we are caught in a situation with a madman and there are no Police nearby to save us? What are we to do when we are mugged or raped? What are we to do when the small family grocery store we have worked all our lives for is robbed and we are threatened with death? A real and growing problem here in Philadelphia is "Home Invasions". Lord knows the Police can't be everywhere at all times. So what can we do?

Arm ourselves.

If the Civil Authorities are incapable of protecting us then we must be willing to defend ourselves, our homes and our loved ones. The consequences of our failure to do so have been clearly demonstrated at Virginia Tech.

There are so many illegal firearms "on the streets" of this country that we will never be able to account for them all. Tougher laws will not remove them. Criminals and madmen have no respect for the law and will use any means they can to acquire what ever they need to carry out their mayhem. Why should the rest of us be sitting ducks?

Law-abiding Americans must be allowed to defend themselves. Time and again, the Civil Authorities have proven their inability to protect us from the monsters among us. There's an old saying that I firmly believe in, "I'd rather be tried by a jury of 12 strangers than carried to my grave by 6 of my friends".

This tragedy seems unpreventable. For sure, his first victims, who were probably taken by surprise, were doomed in any event. Many lives could have been saved later, however, as he stalked through the halls dispensing his hatred in 9mm packages, if someone, other than himself, had been able to put a bullet in his brain. Denying this is like closing your eyes and hoping the monster isn't there anymore, and then never being able to open your eyes again.

Should this ever happen to daMagster or me, I can assure you, we will be ready.

Will you?


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