Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Massacre At Virginia Tech

Va. Tech Gunman Was Student From S.Korea
By ADAM GELLER, AP National Writer

58 minutes ago

BLACKSBURG, Va. - A Virginia Tech senior from South Korea was behind the massacre of at least 30 people locked inside a campus building in the deadliest shooting rampage in modern U.S. history, the university said Tuesday.

The Virginia Tech Police Department identified him as Cho Seung-Hui, 23, a senior in the English department.

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We may never know what drove a 23 year old man over the edge of sanity and into the depths of madness yesterday, when he calmly murdered 32 of his fellow students and wounded dozens more, stopping only when he ended his own life with a bullet to his head.

Many others, far more eloquent than me, will eulogize those lost. Others still, will dig deep to find out what drove Cho Seung-Hui to commit the worst mass murder in the history of the United States. Yet others will argue the 2nd Amendment and Virginia's firearm laws. I wish to cast this in a different perspective.

First, let me clearly state that I in no way wish to minimize this horrific event or diminish it's importance to our national consciousness. Nor do I wish to offend the victims or their grieving families, rather, I wish to put a little perspective on this tragedy, for there are those in the world who experience this everyday.

Imagine that.

Imagine losing 30 American lives each and every day!
How long do you think we, as a society, would tolerate that?

What if there were, on average, 94 Americans killed each and every day?

That's how many Iraqi's were killed on average, per day in 2006!

And for those of you who only think American lives count, consider this, in March of this year alone we lost 81 Americans in Iraq!

This month's total so far is a "mere" 62!

And one more reason for moderate Republicans to abandon the Bush Administration and it's "Open Door Borders Policy" is the fact that, on average, 12 Americans a day are murdered by "illegal aliens"! Those people would still be alive today if our Government would stop kow-towing to Corporations seeking "cheap" labor and enforce our immigration laws!

Seems to me this "isolated incident" isn't so "isolated" after all.

Just something to think about.


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