Thursday, April 12, 2007

Fundamental Failures Led To Iraq Crisis...

I have received several comments on both the futility and insanity of the Troop Extension and the Winner of The Stupid Fuck Of The Day Award, (See Below), and they caused me to consider something. The Republicans could have won their fucking War if they hadn't been so stupid!

All of the guys could have been home by now and Iraq stablilized if the Republicans' own greed, arrogance and stupidity hadn't crippled the Militarys' extraordinary efforts!

I'm not saying I agree with the War, the lies which formed the premise for the War or the current "surge" which is supposed to, finally, win the War. Everyone who comes here knows I don't. (Although I did support the invasion of Afghanistan and pursuit of the perpetrators of 9/11.)

The point I'm trying to make is this.

If the Republicans' had been able to wrap up Iraq within 18 months we wouldn't even be having these discussions. It would be over, a fait accompli, and they would have been shining heroes.

In my opinion, all they had to do was four things.

Win the Invasion.

Depose Saddam.

Secure the nation.


They won the invasion. They deposed Saddam. It is in Step 3 that the failure began. And without Step 3, they won't ever get to Step 4, (unless we force them to!).

How could they have done that?

I'll let a Career Army Officer who holds three Bronze Stars, two Silver Stars and the Congressional Medal Of Honor, explain.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Colonel Jack Jacobs, United States Army, Ret.

Fundamental failures led to current Iraq crisis

Basic tenets were ignored by our military leaders; the results are painful

By Jack Jacobs
Military analyst
Updated: 9:51 a.m. ET March 26, 2007

Jack Jacobs
Military analyst

Most Americans didn’t need much encouragement to support an invasion of Iraq. Even if they weren't persuaded by assertions that Saddam Hussein was trying to secure nuclear weapons, nearly all agreed that he was a thoroughly disagreeable tyrant with a documented history of slaughtering innocents.

That — and the invasion — were the easy parts. However, four years after Saddam and his odious henchmen were shown the door, we seem to be no closer to stopping the deaths of innocent people. What went wrong? Hindsight, of course, is 20-20, but there are some painful lessons that should have been clear from the start:

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