Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Sacrifice? Keith speaks to Power

Olbermann on Bush's Sacrificial Surge & Accelerate Plan

This runs almost 11 minutes, but it's worth every second!

Needless to say, those on the Right still drinking the Kool-Aid are very, very upset over this. Especially the fuckin' chickenhawks!

Well, as an old Marine Corps Captain of mine used to say, "Tuff Shit!"

(Sacrifice? How about the Bush twins headin' to the sandpit! Or Cheney's kids?)

Seems they are very upset with Keith for bullying their Hero, George W. (What? Me Worry?) Bush, who after all served his country during the Viet Nam Fiasco!

Guess they have a point of sorts. The Photo to the left clearly shows George W. Bush "serving" his country in the Texas Air National Guard.

It should be noted here that during the time the Pres-idiot served, the Viet Cong did not launch one successful attack against the Great State of Texas!

Whut? I'm being rediculous? Yeah, right. About as rediculous as the knuckleheads on the Right claiming that since 9/11/01 we haven't been attacked by Al Queda again!

What they forget to mention is that 9/11 happened on Bush-boy's watch and like some crazy cowboy, drunk on Mezcal in a Tiajuana ginmill, Bush and his posse of pussies yee-hawed us into a war against the wrong country for the wrong reasons on the wrong advice and keeps us there wrongfully against the will of the people he was elected to serve! (There's that "service" thing again!)

By the way, as you watch this video, check out John McCain! What the fuck is up with this guys chipmunky cheeks?

Oooooohhh, I get it! That's where Bush keeps his balls! Suck a little harder John, the Religious Right isn't quite "coming" around to you yet.

So kudos to Keith Olbermann! The only guy in the mainstream media who has a pair of balls.

Like Fixer said a couple of days ago. I'm sick of the Right Wing Whackos. It's time to give the Defense a rest and hit them with the long bomb downfield! Time to bitchslap the turds into oblivion!


Post Script: Below is a reply I made to a comment posted on the Discussion board relating to Keith Olbermann's "Special comment".


Message #27401/03/07 09:24 AM

Serviceman, I'll give your opinion some weight, since at least you are serving, which is more than I can say for the chickenhawks who normally support Bush's fiasco. As a former Marine who also served his country 35 years ago, I have to disagree with you. Mr. Olbermann, myself and now, the majority of Americans, only want you and your fellow service people out of harms way. There are 58,000 + names on a Wall in Washington DC that stand as mute testament to a failed Government policy. 58,000+ who lives were wasted, for what? So the US wouldn't lose face? Better go listen to the late President Ford's speech again.

Tell me, Serviceman, what are your objectives? What is the overall strategy for accomplishing these objectives? What exactly is your mission in Iraq? How and when will it finally be accomplished? Oh, wait, I forgot, the Pres-idiot already declared it accomplished! Why, then, are you still there?

Son, you have been abused by an ungrateful Administration, (hell, they cut the VA's budget for dealing with head trauma, the #1 injury now sustained by our troops). They didn't send enough of you to hold the country. Those Generals who asked this Administration for more troops were relieved of duty. You still don't have all the equipment you need. Why are guys STILL buying their own body armor?

You are in the middle of a Civil War between two fanatical religious factions, undermanned, under-equipped, outnumbered and out-gunned. While your efforts are heroic and we at home are proud of you, those of us who have gone before you have realized the untenable situation you are in and we want you out. Believe me, we know your pride and willingness to serve. We have been there ourselves. Ask yourself this, who besides you and your families is making any sacrifice? Who? If we are really on a "war" footing, why aren't we cranking out materiel as fast as we can? Why aren't our industries being made to produce more armor, more flak jackets, more weapons? Why isn't there a draft? If we're serious about fighting the "War on Terror" shouldn't we approach it the same way we approached WWII, rather than the lame way we are doing now, as we did in Viet Nam?

We will no longer tolerate right wing moonbats who have never served, like Limbaugh and O'Reilly calling us traitors or worse. It is time for THEM to STFU! It is time for all the young College Republi-cons to Shut up or Suit up. Ever ask yourself why the Bush twins aren't serving with you? Wanna know what Republi-cons really think of your service? Go Here.

The hypocrisy must stop and we will no longer sit back and let these cowardly imbeciles spew their garbage without a fight.

Keith speaks truth to power and it's about goddam time somebody in the mainstream media did! Keith is not against you and neither am I. If you must spend your life in defense of our nation, then let it be in an effort to bring the real villain to justice - Usama Bin Fergotten.

Do yourself a favor son, turn off Fux News and follow the links here. Stop drinking the Kool-aid, get the facts. Then get home safe. Hopefully you will see the light.

Saepius Exertus, Semper Fidelis, Frater Infinitas


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