Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year?

Time to Reflect as Iraq Toll Hits 3,000 - NEWS - US NATIONAL -

Time to Reflect as Iraq Toll Hits 3,000

By ALLEN G. BREED, AP National Writer
Mon Jan 1, 4:12 AM

(A man who identified himself only as Dave sits among the gravestones of U.S. military who died in Iraq at Arlington National Cemetery, Sunday, Oct. 29, 2006 in Arlington, Va. October, it was a particularly bloody month for U.S. troops in Iraq with 105 American deaths. (AP Photo/Chris Greenberg))

ARLINGTON, Va. - Perhaps no place illustrates the toll of the Iraq war more vividly than Section 60 of Arlington National Cemetery. In this 'garden of stone,' in ruler-straight rows, rest one-tenth of the Iraq war's American dead, whose number has reached 3,000."

Read this story and then tell me it's worth it. Tell me Bush and his whole cadre don't deserve to be put on trial for lying our nation into an unjust, illegal war against a country that did nothing to us.

Tell me that 3000 young Americans and countless Iraqis did not die for the twisted ambitions and misplaced loyalties of the Neo-Conservatives and the Likudniks.

Then see if you can tell me to have a "Happy New Year."


Post Script:
Here's how Fixer at Alternate Brain sums it up:

" I welcome 2007 in with hope it will be better than 2006, I just wanted to remind the people, the American citizens who continually voted to enable the thieving, lying, morally bankrupt administration and rubber stamp Congress that runs this nation, how they were played for sheep."

Couldn't agree with you more, Brother.

Further Update: 3000 has a name, at the Huffington Post:

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