Sunday, January 21, 2007

Psychedelic Sunday!

Dreams of Lost Youth

Like, Welcome to a far out new feature at deuddersun's, man, Psychedelic Sunday!

Each Sunday I will post like, some groovy vids of songs, bands and poets dredged from the graveyard of my mind, (and YouTube - far out!). At some point, man, I may take some songs, like, I can't find on YouTube, man, and create my own vids, man, cannyadiggit? But, like, that's only if, like, I have the time man.

So dig it, man, like the buzz is this, the first three vids are, like, to give the younger folks a birds-eye view on life back then man, courtesy of Ed Sullivan, a far out old dude who was hip to the scene. Oh wow, now you get to, like, see what yer L-7 parents were doing, far fucking out man!

So spark 'em up, sit back, and groove the tunes, man.

Oh yeah, the featured poster is, like, best viewed totally stoned and with a black light, man.

Trivia question, man...Like who knows where the term "Heavy Metal" came from? Like, first one to answer correctly gets a quarter tab of frozen Sunshine!

Oh WOW! Nobody, man?

The answer is, like, tripped out in the far out vids below, dig it!

Outta sight!

Let 'er roll, daddy-O!



WOW! If I wasn't so stoned man, I woulda, like, downloaded these and, like edited them into one far out groovey piece, been cool...outta sight...yeah...right on!

Bummer, I, like, didn't do that, man!

That's it for the first outta sight Psychedelic Sunday, man. See ya next week!

Tune in, Turn on and drop out!

Far out.

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