Sunday, October 24, 2004

Vets For Kerry

The Not-So-Swift Vets are liars. Plain and simple. Here's further testimony to back that up.

Working Families e-Activists

Jim Wasser, Navy Radarman, 2nd Class, Swift Boat PCF 44, Electrical Workers Local 176, Joliet, Ill.Gene Thorson, Navy Engineman, 2nd Class, Swift Boat PCF 94, Plasterers and Cement Masons’ Local 21, Des Moines, Iowa

Thursday, Oct. 21

We served with John Kerry on swift boats in Vietnam. We saw him under the toughest conditions you can imagine. John Kerry could never be shaken.

That’s the steady strength we need to lead America. We know that as president John Kerry will never waver in keeping America safe. And we know John Kerry will never back down in the fight to rebuild our economy and protect America’s working families.

From what we’ve seen in the past four years, the Bush administration just doesn’t care about good jobs or the middle class. John Kerry does—and he has a real plan to create good jobs and keep them here in America rather than shipping them out to other countries.

John Kerry is a fighter. President Bush has spent too much of his time—and our money—fighting for the rich and big corporate interests. John Kerry will fight for us.

John Kerry will overturn President George W. Bush’s overtime pay take-away. He’ll make sure we can get decent, affordable health insurance for our families. He’ll repair and rebuild the crumbling schools our kids go to and help us afford to send them to college. John Kerry will protect Social Security and pensions so after working a lifetime we can retire in dignity.

We trusted John Kerry with our lives. We trust him with America’s future. And we urge you to vote for John Kerry on Nov. 2.


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