Sunday, October 24, 2004

Rip 'em down, then nobuddy will know...

Where do I put this? I can't tell my asshole from my mouth? Posted by Hello

Well, the stupid shit has finally come to my neighborhood. This weekend Kerry Volunteers canvassed the neighborhood, seeking support for Kerry-Edwards. In doing so, they posted Kerry-Edwards signs on telephone poles, right under Bush-Cheney signs!

Last night, some incredibly stupid, (well, maybe not so incredibly... sigh), Bush supporters tore down the Kerry- Edwards signs.

What a bunch of fucking morons! What can they possibly be thinking? "Duh, if we tear down alla dese signs, nobuddy will no Kerry is running and den Our Hero, "Smirkey da Chimp" Will win hands down!"

Today I posted my own signs for Kerry-Edwards. I made them on my computer. My daughter and I posted them all over the neighborhood. I asked the morons to do me a favor. Rather than tear down my signs, drop by my placee for an appropropriate asskicking rather than sneaking out in the middle of the night to do their "Re-pug-nicant Dirty Work". Address has been posted. No takers so far. What a bunch of cunts.


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