Sunday, October 24, 2004


We Can Do It! Posted by Hello

Okay. this one is for all the girls out there. Last election the largest bloc of voters who didn't vote was single women. Wassup girls? "Smirkey the Blow Monkey Awol Deserter" is seriously down on you! He's against pro-choice, (guess he's never been pregnant, doh!), is a Fundamentalist Born Again Christian, (where-in YOU are subserviant to your mate), and basically regards YOUR intelligence as insignificant! (It's a MAN's world)!

Well Ladies, Fuck him! It's your world! It's your sisters and brothers and daughters and sons who are dying in Iraq because this Asshole is a stupid, incompetant tool of the Project For A New American Century!

It's Your family that is sufferring due to "Smirkey's" anti-American domestic policies! Do we really want a President who believes that American families are best served by outsourcing American jobs?

Sisters, it's time to step up to the plate and make this Neandethal Neocon Male Chauvinist Pig answer for his actions!!!

You have the power to make the differance! You can change the course of America for the Better! You can insure that your Sons & Daughters don't die for nothing! You can insure that yourselves and your husbands will have a job to go to tomorrow and a future for your children beyond that!

Ladies, As Rosie once said, "YOU CAN DO IT!"

Vote Kerry-Edwards on November 2 and save our country!!!


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