Monday, September 06, 2004

Where Da Hell Ya Been, d?

The Oldest Movie Studio In The U.S. Posted by Hello

Working! That's where. Right here at the oldest Movie Studio in the US, possibly the world! Chaplin filmed here. So did the Keystone Cops. The commisary has a picture of Valentino eating lunch. In fact, everybody who is, or was, anybody worked here at one time or another. The longest running Television show in history is still filmed here, Sesame Street!

So, what's the show? Another Dick Wolf Production. Dick Wolf is a Godsend to the New York Production Community. At a time when other major league Producers are running to Canada, he remains loyal to New York. And we remain loyal to him. Like Tom Fontana, Dick Wolf believes in New York. Gentlemen, we love ya! Ask. It's your's. Anyway, keep your eyes peeled for Law & Order, Trial By Jury! I guarentee you'll love it!

Looking Down On The Studio From The Grid Posted by Hello

This is a view of Studio "H" from the Grid. The Grid is the highest point in the studio where lights are hung from and scenery is "flown" in and out of. For reference, the walls you are looking at are 20 feet tall. This is the only picture I will post of the set since it doesn't give anything away. If you want to see more you'll have to tune in. (I'll give you a heads up when the show premiers!)

deuddersun & Best Bud, "Indy", On The Job Posted by Hello

No, this isn't the same job. Here we're on the set of "The Forgotten". Just decided to take advantage of a good opportunity to get our handsome mugs on da ole blog!

So, now you know. If you don't see me around it's cause I'm working. Getting up at 2:30 a.m. and getting home at 9:00 p.m. doesn't leave much time for blogging, but like they say, "There's no bizniz like Show bizniz!"

And, now...on with the show!


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