Friday, September 10, 2004

Guest Editorial - scroff From Any Which Way

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I read this over at Any Which Way. It's an introduction to an article posted by scroff. I liked it so much I thought it deserved "stand alone" status and so I have copied it here. At the conclusion I'll post the link to the entire article for those who wish to read it.

Good job, Bro. I hope Lt. Kerry gets the message.



Dear Mr. Kerry,

This week we were subject to the Republican National Convention, where we watched speaker after speaker kick sand in your face. Granted, you responded shortly after Bush's speech, but Fox News aired only four minutes of your response.

We listened to the sewage coming forth from the Republicans, and gagged every time an already defunct Kerry myth again raised it's ugly head. We saw the Republican Delegates swiftly morph into the Hunters from the island of The Lord of the Flies.

We watched, and we knew, as each derogatory comment slithered out of Zell Miller, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dick Cheney, and the rest, that their message was hatred for you, and by extension, for us, and the conviction of fear... that George W. Bush and only George W. Bush could keep us safe from the scourge of terrorism... that without George W Bush's Doctrine of perpetual war with shadows, we would live in perpetual danger.

We cringed every time one of them took the tragedy and personal loss that was 911 and held it high to be admired, like some trophy, for their chickenhawk 'warrior' president, as if it were some feather in his cap that he had earned.

We fumed every time they claimed ownership and specific rights to America with the guttural chant "U S A! U S A! U S A!", as if an administration with more than it's share of unabashed, yet arrogant draft dodgers could ever take possession of our home, thereby turning it from the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave into the land of surveillance and the home of the chickenhawk.

We knew, as we listened, that the attacks were there rather than anything of substance because the Republicans have nothing of substance to offer America. We knew that the vicious myths they perpetuated were exaggerated, if not patently false, and we knew that George W. Bush was the one unfit to be Commander-in-Chief.

We also knew that these were the so-called 'moderate' Republicans, the ones that the Republican Party let out of their cages without a leash or a muzzle. We therefore also knew that the full hatred and contempt, the full polarizing power of the Religious Right was tucked away in a safe zone somewhere, hinted at only by two freedom sucking proposed amendments to our Constitution.

But now the Republican hate fest is over. At this writing there are 59 days until the election. We are strong Mr. Kerry. We are solid behind you. We know the truth that these Hunter mentalities are trying to besmirch, and we are ready to take this to the mat.


We need you, Mr. Kerry. We need you to put your concerns for the 'swing voter' in your back pocket and take up our concerns. We need you to come out fighting, Mr. Kerry... bare knuckled, angry.

We are aware that George W. Bush has refused to debate you... we are aware that he has accepted only three debates, each with pre-defined questions, and is now, just as he did in 1968, trying to avoid any real confrontation. We are aware that in a fair and credible debate you would make him the monkey we all know he is. We call on you to take the campaign to him, then...

Lt. Kerry... it's time to turn your swift boat into the attack...


Setting Kerry's Record Right - Again

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