Tuesday, November 04, 2008

We The People...

We the People...

Powerful words. In those three words lie the basis of our Constitution, our Nation, our Freedom, for all power given to Government is derived from the People. We are the Government and those we "hire" to do our will are answerable to us. Otherwise we become the "governed", subject to the rule of a handful of others, rather than a free and independent people, self-governed through Representatives we elect to serve us.

For the last eight years we have been "governed" by a handful of "others" who have sought only to serve themselves and their own self-interests. They have taken the Power we gave them and abused both it and us. It is time to take that Power back. It is time for a second American Revolution. It is time for change.

Today we will have the chance to make that change. To Revolt against those who have misused our sacred trust. Who have misled us into an un-necessary war for profit, bankrupt our economy, left our children behind, abandoned our fellow citizens in time of National Disaster, (Katrina), deprived the new Veterans they have created of the proper medical care and benefits they have earned, shredded our Constitution, broken our Laws shamelessly and without fear of reprisal, lied to us continuously, allowed Bin Laden to remain dangerous and at large,and made Justice a travesty. They have made profit for themselves their only goal, while using our hard earned money for corporate socialism as they ignore the plight of millions of Americans who have lost homes, jobs and hope.

Today it is time for us to Declare our Independence once more. Today we can take back America, and make it ours again. Today, with one vote at a time, we can tell those who would reduce us to a feudal state that we will take no more, we will not allow them to rape us for the benefit of multi-national corporations whose only interest is maximizing profit at our expense. We can tell them that we want our freedom back - the freedom of a worker to choose whether or not he or she joins a Union, the freedom of a woman to choose what to do with her own body, the freedom to communicate with each other without government eavesdropping, the freedom to peacefully assemble and petition our government without jackbooted thugs attacking us, the freedom from fear of an unforeseen health crisis destroying our lives, the freedom from religious zealots imposing their will upon us. Freedom. The very foundation upon which our America was built - that foundation which the Bush-Cheney regime has consistently undermined and sought to destroy for the last eight years.

Today we must say NO to those who would continue the failed policies of the past. Today we must reclaim the Power we gave to the usurpers and return it where it belongs, with We, the People! Today we must unite together, millions of Americans speaking with one loud, clear voice, it... is... over, we will take no more! We will choose freedom over slavery, hope over despair, the future over the past!

Today we will elect Barack Obama and Joe Biden!

Power To The People!

Turn it up!



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